Summer is in full swing around most of the Northern hemisphere, which means we’re all ready to hit the beach.  The thing about summer, and the beach, is that we have different needs regarding our beauty routine.  The weather is different, we’re outside more, etc. so it’s important that we switch things up accordingly.  If you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer season, we want to make sure you’re ready and prepared as much as possible so we’re sharing some of our favorite beach ready tips so you can have a plan ahead of time.

Woman applying sunscreen

Protect Yo’ self!
Since you’re planning to head to the beach, you’re obviously planning to be outside in the sun.  This means you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got all the necessary product to protect your skin from the sun.  So be sure you’ve got all your favorite sun protection products (sunscreen, SPF lip balm, etc.).  In addition to having the obvious SPF products, it’s also wise that you bring other sun protection items like hats and sunglasses.  They’ll protect your most delicate areas and make sure you don’t get any major sunburns!

Stay Cool
It’s easy to get overheated when you’re at the beach, and outside all day.  The most important thing to do is make sure you’re staying hydrated.  Since it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re in the sun all day, drink even more water and keep it flowing!  Additionally, try little things like using ice cubes to cool off or even keeping your SPF products in the fridge/ice so when applied they give you a little cooling effect.   Experts suggest if you’re looking to cool down quickly with ice cubes, apply them to your pressure points to feel the effects much more quickly and effectively.

Woman exercising

Keep Your Shape Up
Heading to the beach likely means you’re going to be wearing a swimsuit, or gasp…bikini!  We all have our insecurities about walking around in public in bikinis and swimsuits, to avoid feeling  even more insecure ramp up your diet and exercise routine as you’re leading up to the beach days.  Many nutrition experts suggest eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of a couple larger – this can also help with bloating feelings!  Plus, try cutting out as much of the ‘bad’ stuff as possible.  Not only will you feel better in your bikini but you’ll reap the benefits with your skin, hair, etc.

If you’re planning to head to the beach this summer season, make sure you think about all the elements you’re going to be exposed to so that you can plan accordingly.  It’s often times when we’re not prepared they we suffer from sunburns, heat stroke, and other things that can happen as we’re outside for hours at a time.  Remember to protect yourself, your skin and your health and figure out what you need to pack.  If you find your hair suffers from being outside throughout the day, give it an extra moisturizing boost.  You know what your body needs!  Happy beaching!