Beautiful woman standing under the sun

We’ve heard Beyoncé talk about it, and we’ve seen the shirts everywhere and let’s face it we all want to wake up “like this.”  But it’s not necessarily something most of us are confident in, or feel like we truly look great effortlessly.  It’s something that most of us would love to feel we’re able to make happen without putting in much (if any) effort.  Since we’re all about glam this week (and every week, let’s be real) we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for helping you look great effortlessly so you can start saying “I woke up like this” with confidence.

Clean Up Your Skin Care Routine
Let’s be real, one of the biggest factors when it comes to looking great effortlessly comes down to the health and state of your skin.  If you truly want to look great effortlessly you HAVE to clean up your skin care routine and keep it in check at all times.  This means, taking a hard look at your skin care products – are they really working the way you need them to?  If not, it may be time to switch and try something else that’s better suited for your skin.  In addition, experts suggest NOT skimping out on adding a toning product to your skincare routine.  Toners are essential in balancing your pH levels and really helping your moisturizing products and serums to work better and actually soak into the skin.  Finally, you can’t stop skipping exfoliating!  Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis is a game changer for your skin and its health.  It’s one of those steps in the skin care routine that you may feel like it’s CRUCIAL but it really, really is!

Woman touching her face

Get into Healthy Habits 
Of course, you know not leaving the house without sunscreen is a major factor when it comes to maintaining your skin’s health, one other habit you need to break is touching your face.  Most of us have a habit of continuously touching our face with our hands, like all the time.  And the truth is it wreaks havoc on our skin – so stop!  In addition, increasing your water intake, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are all amazing ways for you to feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin and feel like you can wake up and rock it without anything else.  Some experts and models even swear by starting their days by drinking hot water with lemon, it’s been found to detox your body from toxins and be amazing for your skin and overall health.

Get a Healthy Glow
There’s something about having a nice, healthy glow that leaves us all feeling like our own version of Beyoncé.  While we don’t advise you sit out in the sun for hours to get a glow that way, there are a lot of healthier alternatives to help you get just as gorgeous of a glow without the damage.  Using products like self-tanning lotions or tinted moisturizers are super easy and safe ways to give you that glow without much work.

What helps you feel like you can wake up and say “I woke up like this?”