woman with wrapped hair

Need a little hair inspiration? It’s so common to get stuck in a rut with your hair styles. Now that it’s summer, easy hair styles are more important than ever-if you ask us. Between the heat and the humidity, it can seem like a waste of time to spend hours doing your hair for you to step outside and have all your work fall out. This is exactly why we’re all about wrapping our hair in hair wraps. Scarves, headbands, and head wraps make styling your hair SO much easier. You’re able to create a hair style that looks gorgeous, but doesn’t take a lot of time. Of course, most importantly it’s able to hide hair that may be negatively impacted by the weather. Talk about a total win, right? We’ve got some ideas for you to wrap your hair in style this summer to enjoy the weather without worry about your locks.

The Wrapped Bun
Those days when it’s just incredibly hot and humid…no one wants to deal with their hair being down and around their neck. Talk about hair sticking to your skin, right? Our favorite way to wrap hair in style for days like those (or when you just don’t want your hair down) is to style it in a bun and wrapped. It’s pretty much just like it sounds. Style your hair in a high bun, it can be a messy top knot or something more streamlined–it’s really up to you. Once you’ve created the bun simply wrap a scarf, headband, or whatever you like around your head that rests around the hairline. It instantly takes a traditional bun hair style to a whole new level. And all you did was tie a wrap around your head.

woman with scarf over hair

The All-Over Wrap
Of course, we can’t forget wrapping your hair in a scarf/wrap to cover all of your hair! This is a wrap style that’s had its moments of popularity and highly underrated. To create a different take on wrapping all over your hair in a scarf leave out a couple strands near your face to frame your features and tie the wrap at the top of your head (off to the side a bit). This adds a modern twist and a little ‘effortless’ vibe.

The Beachy Wave
Another one of our favorite ways to wrap your hair in style is pretty simple, too. All you need to do is create some natural texture in your hair. This can be done by adding some beachy waves and using a dry shampoo and/or texturizing product, adding some nice effortless texture really enhances this simple style. After you’ve created the texture to your liking and parted your hair in the center, you’re going to wrap your wrap (whatever that chosen wrap is) around your head in a horizontal manner. This means the wrap will be OVER your hair that’s down, the wrap goes across your forehead. This is a great way to mask hair that you may not have washed in a couple days, without sacrificing any style.