Fashionable winter shoes

From New York to Paris, and from London to Milan, the runways revealed big things in store for this year for shoes, with a lot of cool new innovations in design that are sure to be one of a kind, and firsts, ever, like Dior’s thick transparent high heeled marble boots, and wildly impossible looking geometric heels that stack in unbelievable holding power. Get inspired by incredible new trends that will surely set this year apart from everything that came before! Here are some of the faves that will dominate this year:

The Classic Pump
Back with power, these timeless classics look good with everything. They’re offering thin and thick heeled varieties, and they’re heading our way with a lot of the cool details you’ll read about in the categories that follow. Amazing colors and embellishments like dazzling beading and bejeweled cap toes were all over the runways, which means you’ll see them on the streets of 2016, everywhere.

Hairy and Furry Shoes
At first glance, and from a distance, you might wonder if you errantly wandered onto the set of Sesame Street with these all-out fuzz balls for footwear. No, they didn’t make shoes out of Cookie Monster or Elmo—so don’t worry–but there’s one thing that’s certain: these new shoes belong to a whole new class, and they’re every bit as fun to wear as they are comfy and trendy! Charming designs for furry slides include ribbon leg strappings and more. These look like you could clean the floor everywhere you go while wearing them! All styles, from heels and sandals to mules and boots. A runway dazzler were the Fendi-heeled fancies, inspired from ice sculpture—sure to make a grand entrance wherever they show up.

Ankle High Glam
Ankle Booties are the thing—with just enough height to get you through the chilly months, and in the most stylish of ways. There are cutouts, furry designs and two-toned versions, just to name a few. Leather, wool and fabric all come to play here. Lace ups and peep-toed designs dominated the runways of fashion week, everywhere. Roland Mouret designed some with the zipper right in the front that are quite eye-catching. And stocking boots are really taking charge, especially being ridiculously comfortable and so pretty at the same time. Made of stretchy goodness, in fashion latex and lacquered leather, these little darlings feature a wonderful range of heels, and colors, for a beautiful way to show off your legs.

Toe Caps Style
This distinctive design feature is big for 2016, with attitude, color and style being made a prominent component to every kind of style—even those luxe over-the-knee designs. Glam pumps embellished decadently with jeweling that integrates with clever toe caps, shows artistry for out of the box thinking.

Make Them Peep-Toed
Look for peep-toed styling in every category of shoes, and this style element has been a growing trend that doesn’t appear to be decreasing in popularity at all. From casual to eveningwear and beyond, displaying accents and attributes to draw envy, with straps and thick heels and glitter, the open toe works, across the board.

Look at the Back
There are a lot of cool innovations changing the game this year in heel design, with possibly more attention to the back portion of shoes than ever before. From quirky to geometric, and from classic to uncanny–there are a lot of reasons to look at this year’s heels, for the real style advancements.

Straps, Lace-ups and Gladiators Galore
There’s a reason the runways were covered with so much of these multidimensional designs. For starters, they are so fun to wear, and they look so good! They are sophisticated, chic, and show the world that we mean business! The lacing concept is a bit new to the gladiator design, and it works! Look for some powerfully designed lace-up knee high boots from the prominent designers. Some feature open toes, and all feature excellence of style!

Shoes and Boots Go Faux
Yummy, stretchy, slick and shiny latex shoes and boots are the thing for 2016, and they are easy to make, and easy to care for. In every length, from booties to thigh high creations–they’re shiny and stretchy and grip your leg to show it off. Ingenious and futuristic, these are available in a vast array of designs, including some retro-inspired delights! Go color!