Woman with her man

Ladies, let’s face it.  We apply makeup daily, we want to look nice, and we want to find a guy to share our lives with.  While we apply makeup for ourselves, we can admit we also do it because we want to look our best – especially when we’re single and looking to mingle!  There’s a great debate we find ourselves feeling when it comes to makeup and landing a mate – do they want us to wear it or not?  Countless magazines have done their own research to discover what types of makeup applications men like over others, and if they even like makeup on us at all.

Throughout our search to find out whether makeup will help us snag a mate we came across a lot of these articles talking about the same topic.  What we found an interesting consistency throughout a lot of the articles was that most men do prefer women in a more natural makeup look.  TIME magazine even has an article that shared a study done found that men do tend to prefer less or natural makeup looks on women.  For women, it’s probably a big shock for many of us.  Because after all, we spend hours of our lives applying makeup to look like our best selves and to find out men actually prefer a more natural look has us thinking – what?!

But if we really think about it, it can be enlightening to know that men actually want to see US – not just the makeup.  So sure have fun with makeup and use it as a form of self-expression but as many makeup artists and beauty experts share it’s important to use makeup to enhance your natural features not cover them.  With the rising trends of contouring and going all out with makeup, there can feel like a lot of pressure to wear every makeup product under the sun.  But really, getting back to using makeup as a way to just enhance what we already have is what makeup’s purpose has been all about this whole time.

It seems that with all the articles sharing that most men prefer natural makeup looks, using makeup alone to snag a mate isn’t the approach we should be looking at.  But rather looking at how we can use makeup to highlight our natural features and allow the men to truly see us for who we are and what we look like naturally.  After all, we want to snag a mate because they like us for who we are, not just the makeup –right?  So the next time you go to put your makeup on for a male, think about using it to bring out your natural beauty instead of cover yourself and your beauty.  It’s probably more likely they’ll notice YOU and your beauty when applying that way versus the other.

What have you found in regards to makeup and the men in your lives?  Do you find they prefer a more natural makeup look?