father brushing daughter's hair

When dad is in charge…It can be a tricky obstacle for dad to be in charge, primarily in the hair department. But we know that dad may need to be in charge every so often, or more often than not, so we decided to share some of our favorite tips to help dad when that time comes. Feeling a bit more prepared in how to care for your children’s hair, will help dad feel more confident in overcoming the challenge in the first place. Knowledge is power, right? Ok, let’s get right into it, guys!

Use a Spray Conditioner
Ok Dad, the struggle with managing your child’s hair is often related to tangles and knots. It’s incredibly common for children (both boys and girls) to end up with an excessive amount of knots and tangles, making brushing and combing their hair a task itself. The key to making the process of combing/brushing their hair much more manageable is to have a spray leave in conditioner/detangling product on hand. Before you even put the comb or brush through your child’s hair, dampen their hair with the detangling product and allow it to set on their hair for a couple of minutes. This will allow the tangles and knots to come out much more smoothly, so your child won’t be in pain and you won’t have to face the trauma of putting them in that pain.

dad braiding daughter's hair

Brush or Comb In A Particular Manner
It may seem easy enough…to brush or comb your child’s hair, right? Like we mentioned above, it’s not always the easiest task to take on yourself. In addition to using a detangling product in your child’s hair, combing and brushing your child’s hair in the right manner is going to be massively crucial to your success and ease in this process. What do we mean? As tempting as it may be to start at the top of their hair and work the brush/comb through to the bottom, you actually want to do the exact opposite. Starting at the bottom  and going an inch by inch, working your way up the hair will allow you to have more control over getting any tangles and knots out of their hair without just ripping the brush or comb through the hair from the root to end. Yes, it may seem like a task and added time but it will save you and your children a lot of pain and frustration.

Give Them a Distraction
Since managing your child’s hair can be a task, and something that may take more time than you or your child would ideally like giving your child something to do while you’re doing their hair can help make the process much more seamless. Since children tend to get antsy, allowing them to watch television or play with a toy while you’re managing their hair can act as a distraction for them. This will help you to not feel rushed or stressed during the process, as well as your child.