Do you know that your lip print can say different things about you?  It turns out, it can!  There’s an actual art and science study behind lip print reading called lipsology.  Yep, you read that correctly.  It turns out it’s grown to become quite the popular science.  According to some of the experts in lipsology your lip print is able to show a lot about you, your personality and even your health.  If you’re as curious as we were when learning that this existed, you’re going to want to continue reading.  Because we’re sharing what your lip print says about you according to some of these lipsology readings.

The Triangle Print
If your lip print is left in a bit of a triangle shape, it’s said that you’re someone who tends to lead others.  Some experts in lipsology suggest that triangle lip prints are typically mentors or teachers of some kind.  In addition, it’s said that those with a triangle lip shape are very caring individuals that are able to see the skills and abilities in themselves as well as others much easier than others are able to.

The Rectangle Print
Not a triangle?  What about a rectangle?  If your lip print looks more like a rectangle, it’s said that you’re a problem solver in many situations.  It’s said that rectangle print individuals are the go-to source for many people, both in work situations as well as personal situations to be the one to help others get any sort of problem worked out in a better way.

Full Lower Print
If your lip print leaves a mark that’s fuller on the bottom lip than it is the top, it’s said that you’re someone who’s love to give to others.  Meaning that you’re a pretty generous person.  In addition to being generous, some experts suggest that the full lower lip print people are able to express themselves very easily.  However, it’s also believed that full lower lip people tend to be picky individuals in many areas of their lives. This being said, some believe that because of these personality traits this lip print person is able to fall into positions where they’re able to share and express ideas freely.

The Diamond Print
While you may not fall into a triangle or rectangle shape, you may notice that your lip print looks more like a diamond shape.  It’s believed that those with a diamond lip print, share similar qualities to the triangle in that they’re able to really help encourage others and see their skills and abilities easily.  In addition, it’s said that diamond print people are generous and like to give back to their community in different ways.

Full Upper Lip
Notice that your lip print is fuller on the top than it is on the bottom?  Lipsology experts believe that these individuals tend to be really good listeners.  In addition to being a good listener, it’s believed that you’re good with money and/or naturally good with numbers.

What category do you fit into?