Acne is one of those skin issues that so many people struggle with.  Ok, let’s be real… almost all of us have been faced with acne at some point in our lives.  But even though it’s common, doesn’t make it any less frustrating to deal with.  We’ve discussed our tips on how to beat acne in the past, and you’ve probably done plenty of your own research as well.  But recently,  there’s been a rise in interest in how the French look at beauty, skin care and fashion.  They make it seem so effortless and it’s like they have some skin care secrets that the rest of us aren’t in the know about.  It turns out, a lot of it is in the way they eat.  We found out what the French eat to beat acne – and of course, we had to give you all the details.

It’s probably no shock to you to learn that vegetables are really great for our health, but it’s not just our health internally – they’ve been found to help with our skin as well.  Of course you know that vegetables are filled with essential nutrients that our bodies need and it turns out that those nutrients are believed to help beat acne.  This is why many of the French people are big on incorporating as many vegetables into their diet to help beat acne.  It’s been found that in certain countries in the world, Paraguay being one of them, that consume a large number of vegetables in their diet – and consume little sugar.

Fish & Other Seafood
Another one of the big food groups that the French eat to beat acne is fish and seafood.  As far as fish is concerned, they aim to look for fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids as they’ve been found to help give skin a lot of healthy nourishment that our skin needs to help fight acne.  In addition, seafood that’s high in zinc is believed to help with fighting acne as well among the French population.  Much of the reason seafood is believed to help beat acne is because they’re high in zinc and zinc is a nutrient that’s been found to help decrease inflammation – and acne is often affected by inflammation in the body/skin.


Red Fruits
You probably know that fruit is pretty healthy for us, however, one of the downsides of many fruits is that they tend to be high in sugar.  Although the fruit is filled with natural sugar, it’s sugar nonetheless.  Sugar is found to have a negative impact on our skin, especially when dealing with acne.  However, the French have found that incorporate RED fruits into the diet to be incredibly helpful.  Because fruit is filled with other great nutrients that our skin and bodies need is a powerful aspect of fruit, the reason it’s suggested to stick with the red fruits is because they tend to be lower in sugar – giving you the benefit of the fruits without too much added sugar.