Beautiful woman touching her face

Whether we like it or not, we all have body hair.  It grows…and grows…and grows.  While most of us spend a lot of time finding ways to get rid of our body hair, it’s also worth understanding what really prompts body hair growth to occur.  Since we focus so much on getting rid of it, odds are you haven’t spent much time thinking about how it actually got there.  So we’re going to go through what actually prompts body hair growth to get you a little more information the next time you’re thinking about how to get rid of it.

Hormones, otherwise known as androgens, have been known to cause body hair growth to occur.  One of the more commonly known androgens is testosterone.  Both men and women have androgens in their bodies, just at different levels which is why men and women have different amounts of body hair on their bodies.  Taking it a step further, when a woman experiences any imbalances in her hormones, it can cause body hair growth to occur differently in her body.  For example, when a woman is pregnant or going through menopause there’s typically a large hormonal imbalance happening in the body during these times so body hair growth can be triggered and/or stimulated in different ways.

Another big prompt or cause of body hair growth comes down to genetics.  Much research has found that genetics really decide when and where hair growth is going to happen in the body.  So if you’re wondering how your body hair growth will be throughout your life, it’s worth taking note of your parents and their body hair growth patterns.  While our genetics aren’t anything that we’re able to change, it gives us knowledge and allows us to be more informed and really understand our body hair growth and its patterns.

The interesting thing about body hair growth is it’s caused by factors that we really don’t have control over.  Hormones and genetics are things that are pretty much out of our control.  However, understanding that these are the common things that prompt and cause body hair growth to occur, gives us more knowledge because the more we know the more we know!  You know how they say knowledge is power?  If you’ve ever felt frustrated at your body hair growth, knowing that these are the prompts of the growth can give some ease the frustration knowing that it’s not something you’re doing but your body’s natural state!  While there can be other waves of hair growth, like hair loss and/or excessive hair growth – those are situations where you can seek help from medical professionals to alleviate some of the drastic changes.

If you’re someone who focuses a lot on removing your hair, try to get on a schedule with removal so that you’re able to have more consistency with your body hair growth and it makes removing much easier.  Does any of this surprise you about what prompts body hair growth?