Woman applying conditioner

What comes first?  The chicken or the egg?   We’re not going to get into that old debate, but we are going to chat about cleansing and conditioning your hair.  There’s been some chatter around the internet about whether or not applying conditioner to your hair FIRST is better, or vice versa.  Traditionally, most of us have grown up cleansing our hair first and following it up with conditioner.  So it got us wondering what the deal is with all this talk about conditioning hair first.  We did a little research to find out the entire scoop.

So it turns out a lot of the chatting about conditioning first came about because there are a few hair care lines  that have created products  to function in a way that users are to conditioner their hair before cleansing.  Learning this, perked our interest even more – why would they do that?  Well, it turns out that some experts have found that people with thin hair can reap major benefits from applying their haircare products in this (reverse) order.  The reason being is they’ve found that conditioning first is a great way to get thin hair the conditioning benefits but doesn’t weigh the hair down as it’s been found to do sometimes when applied the traditional way.  Another bonus hair experts have found from conditioning first is blowdrys tend to last longer, the conditioner helps to create more of a barrier on the hair and helps the shampoo to distribute more evenly when applied following conditioner.

Now if you’re thinking you don’t have thin hair “does this apply to me?”  What’s been discovered is people who have their hair highlighted also have found great benefits by applying the products in this order.  Additionally, if your hair tends to tangle easily experts suggest this order of application can be beneficial for you as well as anyone who tends to have hair that gets greasy quickly.

So basically what we’ve discovered is it depends on your hair type as to what products come first in your hair washing routine.  While there are a number of different haircare products that are coming out to specifically be used as conditioners first, you can also give it a try by just switching the products you’re already using to see how your hair reacts to it.  If you feel your hair fits into one of the most common categories that have been found to benefit, it’s definitely worth a try!  Since we’ve all grown up applying our cleanser and conditioner in the same order, it can take some getting used to the idea of switching it up.  However, the benefits that so many have found do sound incredible.  The great news is, you’re not going to cause damage to your hair by applying them in either order.

What do you think comes first?  If you fit one of these categories are you (or have you) going to try this method of hair cleansing?