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Do you struggle with dark circles? You’re certainly not alone!  Seriously, it’s a common struggle for so many women (and men!). You’ve probably tried some of the special skin care products that are designed to help eliminate dark circles, but may not have noticed as much of a change as you’d like. While there are a number of different reasons for someone to acquire dark circles, it’s really all about being clear and concise on your approach for getting rid of them. We’ve found some great and effective ways to get rid of dark circles and of course we’re sharing them with you so you can try them out for yourself.

Get More Sleep
Seriously, so many experts suggest that NOT getting enough sleep can definitely cause dark circles to look more severe. If you really want to get rid of them, you’re going to need to start getting more shut eye on a consistent basis. The thing is, when we’re asleep our body works to repair and nourish itself–so when we don’t get enough sleep our body doesn’t get a chance to do that. We all love to sleep, but truthfully very few of us actually get enough. Make it a priority to get more shut eye and you’ll likely notice some positive changes occurring in your skin.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized
You’ve heard us talk about the importance of keeping your skin moisturized many times, but we’re not just talking about your skin overall here. If you really want to get rid of dark circles you’re going to need to ensure that the skin around your eyes is very well moisturized. Experts suggest that this is especially important to do before going to bed. Since our body works to repair and replenish itself while we sleep, you’re going to want to really make sure that the area of skin is well moisturized. Incorporating a moisturizing eye cream can be really beneficial in ensuring the skin is well moisturized and it’s said to help prevent any puffiness or irritation to occur. Of course, you won’t want to JUST use an eye cream to get rid of dark circles. Make sure that you’re adapting the other tips as well to get the full benefit.

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Cut Back on Beverages that Dehydrate
Ok, we get it: clearly you’re going to need to cut back on dehydration in order to really hydrate, but what we’re going with here is actually cutting back on your alcohol intake. We all love to enjoy some adult beverages every now and then, but unfortunately alcohol causes our bodies to lose a lot of hydration. We’re not saying you can’t still enjoy your favorite drinks every now and then, but try to minimize the amount you’re drinking and start ramping up your water intake. Our skin needs and craves water and hydration, so start really getting serious about drinking enough water throughout the day to give your skin the hydration it needs. It also helps to flush out a lot of toxins and ‘stuff’ in your skin that can help minimize the appearance of dark circles.