vintage accessories

Vintage is something that can be such a fun element to your style.  If you’ve ever shopped vintage stores before, you know it’s a completely different experience than shopping at a traditional store.  Not to mention, adding vintage pieces to your wardrobe can be a way to add real personality to your style, in a way that’s not tradition – because of the vintage element.  If you’ve felt pulled to add more vintage flair to your wardrobe, but you’re not quite sure how or what pieces to do so with…you’re in the right place because we’re sharing the vintage pieces you’ll want in your closet.

Vintage Pins
Let’s face it: accessories can really transform a look, especially when it comes to adding vintage elements to your style.  Adding in some fun vintage pins and/or brooches to your closet is a super fun and easy way to add some vintage flair to your wardrobe.  They’re so unique, and very different from anything you’ll see in stores that are selling today’s fashions.  Often times they have unique detailing and colors that can instantly transform a look when you add them to any outfit.  You definitely want to add one (or a few!) of these into your closet for some vintage personality thrown into the mix.

Vintage Handbags
Have you ever noticed how incredibly chic vintage handbags are?  Well, in case you haven’t – do yourself a favor and go take a peek because we’re willing to be you’ll be wowed.  Vintage handbags often have very different elements to them, similar to the dresses, than today’s handbags.  Handbags are always a super fun and easy way to switch up your style.  Adding a vintage bag (or two, or more) is the perfect way to add some vintage vibes to your wardrobe.  This is especially true if you’re new to the vintage element for your style, since accessories aren’t quite as much of a commitment as a full dress or jacket.

vintage dress

Vintage Dresses
There’s something about vintage dresses that are so unique, and timeless at the same time.  Finding a vintage dress that’s in a unique color and/or pattern is such a fun way to add some vintage into your closet.  Often, vintage clothing is made with incredibly high quality standards so the quality will be quite different than what you’ll find in today’s retail world.  Throwing on a vintage dress is always an instant statement maker, too.  Since they’re quite different than the dress styles of today, they have a special vibe to them – and you can leave feeling special, knowing that you’re not going to see anyone else rocking the same dress.

Vintage Jackets
Similar to vintage dresses, vintage jackets and blazers have such unique detailing to them we had to mention them in our list here.  They typically hold up incredibly well, and tend to be pretty easy to clean.  Not to mention they’re constructed and have different details to them that you just won’t find in jackets today.  The great part about vintage jackets is you can throw them on with the simplest outfit and instantly transform it.