Virtual makeup

It’s clear we live in a virtually based world, we can get basically everything through the internet.  You may not have imagined the day when we could actually have a virtual makeup artist though, did you?  Well, it’s totally possible!  The beauty and makeup industries, like so many others, are making a huge transition to the virtual world and starting to offer services consumers are able to utilize from the comfort of their own home.  You’re probably wondering, how exactly does a virtual makeup artist work?  Well, we’re going to share some of the ways people are using virtual makeup artists to help you get your makeup game on point!

Try Different Products
One of the most popular ways virtual makeup artist apps and websites are being used is to help consumers shop online for makeup more effectively.  Essentially you’re able to upload an image of yourself and “try on” the different products and colors to see how they would look on you.  It’s a great way to get a better idea of what you’re actually buying when you’re not in the store physically able to try it on yourself.  With the rise of online shopping, it really makes sense that brands have developed a way to create the makeup online shopping experience easier and less hit-or-miss.  It’s really a great way to eliminate some of the confusion of colors since you never really know how a color is going to look on you until you actually put it on, this is a win-win!

Get Lessons from a Pro
Another way ladies are able to get help in the makeup department is through virtual classes and one-on-one appointments.  Many professional makeup artists are now offering makeup lessons that would normally be done in person, via the internet.  Using services like FaceTime and Skype makeup pros are able to help students see and try the makeup techniques right in front of a professional, so the makeup pro is able to help them fix any mistakes they’re making and get the best application possible.  Generally, it’s a LIVE session, so you’re able to ask questions and converse with your chosen makeup professional to really have a customized experience.  They’ll typically give you product recommendations, technique tips, and answer any of your questions to help you streamline your makeup process.

If you thought getting the help of a makeup professional was just for the rich and famous, think again!  Many of the virtual makeup artist services are priced so that the average consumer can afford to get the help they need with their makeup.  Really what the virtual makeup artist services come down to is making it easier for you to ask and get the help you need.  Whether you’re looking to find a new lipstick color or finally learn how to achieve a smoky eye without looking like a raccoon, these virtual services are perfect to help you get your makeup routine down pat.

Have you, or would you try a virtual makeup artist service?