Woman wearing bandana

We all style our hair on a daily basis, which can lead to hair style ruts quite frequently. If you’re like us it’s easy to get into the habit of styling your hair in the same way day after day. After a while of doing that, it can leave you itching for some inspiration to change things up a bit. Scarves are one of our favorite hair accessories to use to create a unique hair style without a whole lot of additional time or effort-music to our ears. Since we love scarves so much we thought we would share how to use a scarf to create your next fun hairstyle-to share the scarf love with you!

Turn It Into a Headband
Headbands are great accessories themselves, but it’s even more fun to turn a scarf into a headband. Our go-to hair style when using a scarf is when styling hair into a messy bun or ponytail but instead of just leaving it at that, adding a scarf around your head. This can be done in a few different ways, tying the scarf by starting at the nape of your neck and bringing the scarf to be tied at the top of your head is our personal favorite. You can leave the ends of the scarf loose, or tuck them into the scarf for a different look. It really only takes a minute or so to tie the scarf, but it completely transforms your go to ponytail or bun hair style.

Transform Your Bun Hairstyle
This fun hair style is making use of that bun hair style again. Buns are such an easy look to create, and perfect when you’re on second or third day hair and you want to mask hair that isn’t freshly washed. To take your bun hair styles up a notch you first create the bun and secure it with bobby pins and rubber bands as needed to hold it in place. Once your bun is secure begin tying the scarf around the base of the bun. This creates a bow or scrunchie like effect to your bun in a much more modern way. Similar to the headband method you can tie the scarf so that the ends are tucked into the rest of it or create a bow-it’s up to you!

Tie It Into Your Braid
Low ponytail braids are another go to hair style to wear this time of year, they’re perfect for keeping hair out of your face in the heat of the summer. Scarves can be added to this go to hair style to take it to a whole new level. Start by wrapping the scarf across the top of your head so it creates a headband type of look. Once you’ve done that begin creating the low ponytail braid but instead of just using the hair to create the braid use the ends of the scarf along with two of the three sections of hair to weave the scarf into the braid.