Did it seem like the holidays had a way of kind of sneaking up on you this year? Does it feel like this season continues to come around faster and faster? Well, first, you’re not alone, as most of us experience that same feeling–a little more every year. When they kind of spring on you like this, you barely have time to perform all your regular holiday routines, much less be able to glam up yourself in a special way. What if there were some special tricks and tips you could employ, to add to your holiday responsibilities and still have some time for some game changing style this year? Would you be interested? Sure you would–who wouldn’t? Not when it’s this easy to get the flair you’ve put off previously. This year, don’t let the Ghost of Holidays past deprive you of the very thing that will make the holidays special for you.

Lip Service Solo Flight
Your typical go-to look has been a rather stoic balance of a little here, a little there, here, there and voila, you’re done. Same old, same old just doesn’t cut it during the holiday season. That “all over balanced look” might be fine for a day at the library or an afternoon spent organizing closets, but when it’s the holidays, you deserve to rock your style and even if you don’t have the booming “life of the party” personality, with the right color lips, you can sit on the outskirts of the main buzz and still manage to draw some bedazzled glances. In fact, you don’t need to cram yourself right in there–your style, your attitude will be sufficient to garner all the right attention, and who cares if there’s a little jealousy in the mix? You can’t help it if your lips speak volumes, with so many out of the box luxe shades for the 2015 Holiday Season. This is the year to go full matte, and without compromising on the brilliant color that this year’s new pinks promise and deliver, right on target! Never before seen colors that can not be adequately described using words are out. Grab yourself a brilliant hue of peachy pink with subtle undertones of reds and magentas. Top as you must, but steer clear of the glossy stuff this year. It’s matte, all the way.

Beautiful lips

Lush Lips Need Wise Eyes
With lips that pout colorfully stained and completely irresistible, your eyes offer to take a subtle back step into the soft, charcoal shadows that only hint of a possible color effect. What? You say you just can’t go without mascara? OK, well use a little, but not that kind that builds up, thickly and voluminously. No, with those luxurious lips, keep it on the down low, eye-wise. Just a brief sweep at the roots, and you’re done. Stop there. Believe it or not, this whole theme of leading lips will flatter your eyes with a new, fresh, cameo effect.

Woman with winged eyes

The Eyes Have It
Take your eyes to the next level with the new shimmery metallics in a full array of colors. Applied to the area from the crease of the eye and up to the brow line, all you need is a sheer dusting of a matte version–same color–from the crease to the lash line. Crank up the liner in a couple complementary shades to do double duty, with a thick, almost imperceptible smoky gray penciled-in band stretching from the inner corners and outward. Next, come in with a fine liquid of midnight black, applied just to the lash line, and it’s a party–so spread out those wings and fly! Just make sure that each side mirrors the opposite.

Nude lips.

Luscious Nudes–A New Irresistible Kissable
Give that pout a rich application of the new desirable nudes for lips. Just make sure to go with the right “almost there” shade. If you’re not sure, have a friend keep it real for you. With glammed up eyes, your lips should be soft spoken. Don’t confuse your admirers, keep it simple and rock the 2015 holiday season like never before!