woman doing yoga outdoors

Yoga is a practice that’s been around for many years, the past 10 years or so it seems that yoga has had even more impact on society.  Odds are you know at least a few people that practice yoga on a regular basis.  Aside from going to classes, there are entire events and workshops that take place for those avid yogis.  The thing about yoga is it’s truly beneficial in more than one way, the benefits of practicing yoga are untouched, which is probably why so many people have grown to love it so much.  We’re talking about why you should try yoga for a stronger body AND mind.

If you’ve never been to a yoga class, you might be wondering how stretching and doing different twisting motions can be beneficial to getting a stronger body.  Well the truth is yoga actually works wonders on helping you achieve a stronger body.  Yoga is a gentle practice that allows you to relax, but that doesn’t mean it holds back in any physical benefits.  It’s actually been found that yoga gives you a little cardio boost, increases your strength AND helps to relax your muscles.  Since all of these types of workouts are essentially wrapped into one, you’re getting muscle tone and a metabolism boost from the same yoga practice.  Many experts say that because of the stretching and the way that your body moves throughout a yoga practice, you’re able to achieve long, lean muscle tone.

woman doing yoga near water

Ok, so you now know the incredible benefits that come from yoga as it relates to having a stronger body…but how about your mind?  In our society we’re all incredibly stressed, there’s almost a stigma around the need to be/feel stressed.  But the truth is, when we don’t have a chance to ever actually release that stress we can begin to suffer from a lot of health problems.  All of this is why yoga has been used by many as a stress relief of sorts.  Yoga focuses a lot on breathing techniques, which are incredibly helpful in teaching people relaxing breathing techniques that can help eliminate stress.  There’s a lot of focus around getting more in tune with your body and your breath in yoga, that truly helps people to get into a more relaxed state of mind.  Learning this breathing technique has been found to be incredibly helpful in having a stronger mind.  When we allow ourselves to be more present and in touch with our bodies, we’re able to relax much quicker and not get so stressed out.  Many experts that have done studies on stress in the body have found yoga and meditation to be some of the best sources to easing them in your life.

Whew!  Talk about boosting some pretty incredible benefits for a stronger body and mind – right?  If you’ve never tried yoga, it’s a great practice to incorporate into your life so you too can reap the benefits from it!

Do you practice yoga?  Have you found that you’ve developed a stronger body and mind?