Since the rise in beauty bloggers and influencers have made waves on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, we’re not able to get so much more makeup inspiration easily.  When it comes to doing Halloween makeup, it can be a big reason why some of us don’t follow through with certain costumes…the makeup can seem WAY too difficult to actually achieve.  Luckily, there are some Halloween makeup trends that are all over social media this year that are totally  achievable for anyone.  Ready to try this year’s Halloween makeup trends?  We’ve got you covered on the trends to try this Halloween season!

Spider lashes for Halloween

Spider Lashes
Few things say Halloween like spiders do, if you’re looking for a way to add some Halloween inspiration to your makeup or costume spider lashes is a super easy but spooky way to do exactly that.  All you need is a black liner to really create the look.  Essentially all you do is create spider legs that are stemming from your lash line… easy enough, right?  To add a little more drama to the look go a little heavier on your typical eyeliner and mascara for the look, and maybe even add a dark  color lipstick to complete the look.

Knife Eyeliner
If you haven’t seen it already, some of the big beauty influencers on Instagram have been sharing pictures of knife eyeliner.  It’s actually exactly as it sounds…eyeliner that’s applied in a way to look like a knife.  While at first glance it looks incredibly complex to try to create this knife eyeliner look, it actually doesn’t require that many products to recreate.  All you need is black eyeliner, silver eyeliner or silver eyeshadow, and red liner/pigment.  You can kind of play around with how much fake blood you want to add to the look based on your personal skill level and honestly your desire.

pop art paint Halloween makeup

Pop Art Paint
This makeup trend is SUPER popular this Halloween, and the good news is it’s actually really easy to create yourself.  All you really need is black eyeliner, and red lipstick.  You’re able to achieve the polka dot look all over your face using those products to achieve the cartoon-like look pretty.  The good news is that even though it’s easy to achieve it doesn’t LOOK easy or lacking any Halloween spirit, at all!

Snapchat Filters
It’s no new news that Snapchat filters have literally taken over social media.  It seems like you can’t go on any social media platform without seeing the use of filters somewhere.  Another big trend for Halloween makeup this year is by creating the real life versions of the popular snapchat filters we’ve been using on the platform for the past year or so.  You can really achieve any of the filters pretty easily, it’s more so just about deciding which filter you want to recreate yourself.  If you’re a fan of the deer or dog filters…all you need is makeup pigment in those colors and you’re good to go.

Which one of these Halloween makeup trends are you going to try?