woman exfoliating

If you’re anything like we are (and we’re guessing you’re a lot like us), you love the idea of taking care of yourself, your skin, and heading to the spa for a relaxing afternoon.  However, if we’re all really honest with ourselves…the idea of going to the spa sounds great and dandy, but actually GETTING there is a whole other animal.  We all live such busy lives, it can be really difficult to actually find the time and energy to schedule an appointment and GO.  If that sounds like you, you’re going to want to continue reading because we’re giving you some tips to try these at home spa rituals that will leave you feeling like you went to the spa in the comfort of your own home.

Body Scrubs
Body treatments are typically synonymous with heading into the spa, but the truth is you can get similar results from the comfort of your own home.  The first step is to get yourself a quality body/exfoliating scrub (or make one yourself with a DIY option!).  If you really want to step up the experience up a notch, get yourself a dry brush to really get some serious exfoliating into your body.  We suggest starting things off with your at home spa ritual by drawing yourself a nice relaxing bath and just chill for a bit to enjoy some alone time.  Then, rub your scrub into your entire body, and rinse it off with semi-warm water.  While you’re doing this, make sure you really take your time, set the relaxing environment for yourself – light some candles, have a glass of wine, whatever helps you take a step back and relax.  After you’ve done the body scrub on your body, you can use a dry brush to get a great exfoliating process in your body and reach any hard to reach areas you may have missed with the scrub.  Don’t forget to finish he process with a really great body cream or butter that’s rich in texture to give you skin some incredible moisture.  It’s AMAZING for your skin and body and will leave you feeling like you have incredibly soft skin and you’ll probably feel great!

woman face mask

Facial Treatment
Think facials can only be done at a spa?  Not so much!  You can get some great results from an at home facial experience.  It’s suggested to start things off with a gentle exfoliating treatment or product to get your skin free of any dead skin cells you may have and really have a fresh start.  After you do that, apply a hydrating mask to your skin.  This will give your skin some intense moisture (that it likely needs this time of year) and help your skin feel refreshed.  Once you’ve applied and removed the hydrating mask, experts suggest applying your serum based product in a massage like manner – really focusing on massaging the areas around your temples, middle of your forehead and on each side of your nose.  These are known as acupressure points that can be really relaxing.  Of course, like the body scrub treatment we’re all about making this experience as relaxing as possible.  Turn on some relaxing music, light some candles, whatever gets you in the relaxed mood.