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Summer ready? Mentally you’re probably so ready for the summer season, long days filled with a lot of sunshine–there’s nothing quite like it. While summer is such a fun and exciting time of year, it can leave a lot of us feeling like we just want to have an easy and quick beauty routine. Lazy days sound good to you? We’re with you! Keeping your hair styles simple and easy is what the summer beauty routine should be all about–so you can spend more time enjoying the weather and less fussing with your hair. You may have heard (or maybe you haven’t yet) octopus buns are a huge trend this season. Don’t  worry though, we’re showing you how to try these octopus buns for summer. (PS-they’re the ultimate lazy day hair style)

Ok, so before we share a couple of different ways to style an octopus bun we should probably tell you what they are. Essentially, an octopus bun is styling your hair in a messy bun that leaves the ends of your hair out from the bun. If you’ve styled your hair in a messy bun you know that you typically tuck the ends of the hair that aren’t in the bun style after you secure the rest of the hair. But with the octopus bun it’s all about leaving those ends out-see why we said it’s the ultimate lazy girl/day hair style? Throwing your hair up in a messy bun just got easier and trendier. Can’t go wrong there, can you? Now that we’ve told you a bit more about this hair style let’s get into a couple different ways you can rock this hair style.

Woman with hair bun

High Octopus Bun
This one may be a bit obvious, but the biggest trending way to style your hair in the octopus bun for the summer is tying your hair in a high bun. The great part about this style is you don’t need it to be perfect, and it’s actually better when it isn’t perfect. Throwing your hair up in a high bun placement and leaving a couple pieces framing your face is great for those hot summer days you just want your hair up and out of your face. Gone are the days of using bobby pins to secure the high bun, with this octopus bun hair look.

Low Octopus Bun
What goes up, must come down…right? Well if you want to rock the octopus bun hair style in a bit of a different way, it does! Low buns are always a great go-to for those days you want your hair out of your face but maybe don’t want to have your hair in a high bun for whatever reason. The good news about the octopus bun is it looks just as great when you style it in a low bun, as it does a high bun. Similar to the first style we mentioned, you don’t need it to be perfect to accomplish this hair style to be on trend.