Trisha Yearwood
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Trisha Yearwood is the ultimate country girl.  Not only is she a country music sensation, she also has a cooking show where she shares some of her favorite southern recipes and was born a country girl in Georgia.  While Trisha exploded onto the country music scene in the early 90’s she had a longstanding career that led her to become one of the top country music singers, winning multiple prestigious awards throughout her career.  Since Trish is such a powerful country girl, we decided to break down a few of the ways she shows the world what country girls are all about.

She’s a Music Icon
Trisha Yearwood and country music go hand in hand.  She burst into the limelight because of her killer vocals and incredible skills that brought the country music genre a new powerhouse talent.  Not only is Trisha a country music phenomenon, she’s married to Garth Brooks – who is also country music royalty.  Talk about the country music power couple, right?  Together they’ve created countless songs that changed the way country music was looked at, and even brought some listeners over from other genres because of their powerhouse vocals.

The Girl can COOK
Trisha is known for her singing abilities all over the world, but recently she’s been showing the world that she’s also a cooking queen.  On her own Food Network show she often shares her life living in the country, growing up in the country, and of course sharing her ‘country’ recipes.  Trisha really is bringing the country world to America’s television sets and joining them in their living rooms.

Trisha Yearwood
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She Embraces her Country Side
There’s no doubt Trisha is from the country and proud of it.  Even watching just one episode of her cooking show you’ll know that she’s proud of where she came from and enjoys living the country lifestyle.  If that doesn’t say something about country girls and living in the country – what does?

All in all, Trisha Yearwood has changed the way many people around the United States (and even the world) look at living in the country and country music.  She’s broken down barriers and shown people what it’s all about – keeping things simple and enjoying life.  She even does this on her cooking show as she walks people through her recipes and makes things easy.  Why make things more difficult than they need to be?  Trisha is a country girl that has paved the way for so many other country girls to follow and embrace who they are and where they’ve come from.  She shows us all that we can and should be proud of the people we are, the life we live(d), and reminds us not to take life too seriously.

Now that you know how Trisha embraces her inner country girl, what will you do to embrace yours?  We all have a little country girl inside us just dying to come out.  Isn’t it time we let her shine?