A lot of women have an established routine for showering, taking care of their teeth, getting dressed, doing their hair and doing their makeup. Most have probably one routine for days and another for nights. While there’s nothing wrong with figuring out what works– mostly based on what they think looks the best on them, their style evolution and product performance–it is with the best makeup artists that the best looks reside. These guys are so proficient that the very richest and most famous people–who have enough money to buy the best–are the go-to sources for the best, to get the best. –Duh.

Woman applying makeup

Why Celeb Makeup Artists?
Many women are stuck in a makeup ritual that would improve by at least one or more of the tricks that the leading makeup artists have so generously shared with the world. Reason being that their clients are so rich and pampered that they would not be likely to jump ship with these tricks in a notebook and begin doing their own makeup at home, unassisted. Nope. These celeb clients are committed, for just as long as they are under contract with the big boys who own that red carpet. The distinction between makeup artists and you is this: They are responsible for amassing knowledge that enables them to create the best makeup for every possible type of skin–condition, coloration, age, scar and acne cover-up, downplay and highlight imaginable. You, on the other hand, only have yourself to deal with. With a few of these hacks for your makeup arsenal, you can give yourself a new look that will have others wondering if you underwent some kind of professionally-rendered, permanent aesthetic procedure.

Orange is the New Concealer
Dedra Whitt Dakota, who founded the new and exciting skin care line, Dedra Beauty, offers a wake-up woe that many women face. She says that the glow, pass or fail of every woman’s makeup begins with the right shade of concealer. This, she shares, is particularly true when any particular morning makeup session follows a too-fun, rough or otherwise full-sleep deprived night. While Dakota’s metaphor that concealer is the most important makeup product because it “adds 10 hours of sleep to your appearance” may be a bit over the top, her advice is follow-worthy. She says that knowing where to put concealer and making sure you have the right color is critical.  Warm colored concealers are the best at banishing evidence of cool tones, meaning blue. You know, those dark circles under the eyes? Dakota’s trick? Orange, or more aptly, orange-tinted concealer. Her suggestion is to face the mirror with your chin pointed downward. This gives you the best angle for visually identifying everywhere concealer is needed. Blend the edges then proceed.

Brush Your Teeth-Then Brush Your Lips
This trick has been a mainstay of the Hollywood movie industry for a long time, but has never made it to the focal point of any noteworthy gossip circles. Somehow the advice to brush your lips might initially reflect poorly on the viability of any proceeding advice, but if it were of no value, it would not be so big among the most beautiful women. You exfoliate your face, but how many times have you exfoliated your lips? Brushing your lips exfoliates them, perfectly evacuating dead skin and paving the way for a superior lipstick application, with perfectly clean edges.

Woman applying eyeliner.

Goodbye Watery Eyes
If your eyes water unpredictably during detailed eye makeup application, try this cool, effective hack: Before you pick up that freshly sharpened eyeliner or tube of mascara, pour a little rubbing alcohol onto a cotton swab or tissue and using your nose, inhale deeply. Done. No kidding.

DIY Bronzer
Makeup artist Margina Dennis has an impressive list of top faces that include the most beautiful women and even some men (whose names are not the focus here,) whose faces have been radiating various concoctions that are not sold under any brand name–so far. Think cocoa powder and ground cinnamon, for starters. Turmeric touches? Time to go inventory your spice cabinet with a new mission. If it’s safe for your insides, it’s obviously fine for the insides, too.

Outside the Box Blending
Whoever said that each product must be applied on its own and directly onto the face? If you take some time to play with a few products and colors, you’ll find a highly popular practice of the pro makeup industry. This is what they do, and it’s highly likely that any one of them who didn’t would be a suspect wannabe imposter. Drop the mental limits and do some mixing right in the palm of your hand, with anything, from gold-toned eyeshadow to your fave lipstick, to which you can add a few drops or sweeps of your foundation–or emulsify with a little-tinted moisturizer. (Wow. Should we now look for your name on a soon-forthcoming, exciting product line?)

Like Attracts Like
This scientific principle works great with makeup removal. Especially for removal of any makeup foundation products that are in any way resistant, try using the makeup itself. Especially good when you’re going to be getting ready for another something. If straight to bedtime follows, of course you would perform your cleansing routine next.