Fashion week just took place in New York, and every time fashion week rolls around, it has us thinking about how quickly the fashion industry moves through trends.  The fun part of about the fashion and beauty industry is that they’re constantly changing…the stressful part of these industries is that they’re constantly changing.  It’s one of those double edged sword type of situations where many of us have a love-hate relationship with the constant evolution and updating.  However, with the constant changing of trends, there are some that hold their space and continue to do so.  We discovered a few trends that just won’t go out of style to share with you!

Animal prints
If you’re anything like us, you have a total soft spot for animal print and we’re not the only ones.  Animal prints are one of those trends that continue to be ‘trendy’ but they’ve been around and popular for years.  There’s something so edgy and glam about an animal print, and they can instantly create a fun unique twist to any outfit.  They’ve been popular since Marilyn Monroe stepped out rocking her animal print outfits and have continued to stay that way ever since.  The great thing about animal print is although something about it feels trendy, it’s also become more of a classic in a way.  We don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon.

woman in floral dress

Floral prints

Another print, but we couldn’t have a list of never ending trends without the mention of floral prints.  It truly seems like every year florals are back and listed as a ‘must-have’ trend for spring, but they’ve even started to trickle into some fall wear as well.  Similar to animal prints, it’s one of those trends that continues to feel relevant and trendy even though it’s something that we’ve seen for years.  There are so many fun and unique ways to wear floral prints, which is likely why they continue to hold their own in the fashion world and no going anywhere.

Shoe trends seem to go in and out so quickly, but one of the consistent shoe styles is the pump.  They always feel updated but never seem out of style.  It seems like every year there’s a new version of a pump shoes, whether it’s different colors or textures, and the end of the day the pump holds true in not going out of style.

woman sitting in jeans

Ahh denim, it’s definitely grown to become a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  While denim was first introduced in American society many years ago, the popularity has grown significantly.  The thing about jeans and denim is they’re a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe now, and with so many different brands and styles available there are jeans for everyone – you just have to find it.  Another ‘trend’ that continues to hold its own in the fashion world, we don’t suspect the popularity of jeans will be going anywhere.

Do you have any favorite trends that just don’t go out of style?