Eyeshadows are more than meets the eye, so it may seem. Beauty experts everywhere have come up with some valuable and helpful ways to help you use eyeshadow to the best of your ability. You may have thought your whole life that applying eyeshadow is a simple as a swipe of color across your lid – and you’re right; but the truth is, there’s much more than meets the eye that can be done to enhance your shadow in ways you may not have thought possible. Lionesse shows you how in today’s article.

Woman used a white liner under her shadow.

Use White Liner Under Shadow
If you’ve ever wanted to get a super pigmented shadow look, even when your eyeshadow is far less than super pigmented, you can get a crisp, clean pop of color by applying a white cream eyeshadow to the entire eyelid under the shadow application and blend out with a brush or your fingertip. This will make the colors pop and be exceptionally bright all day long.

Add Liquid to Loose Shadow
If you really want to get a metallic or glittery shadow to pop and show the true shimmer you see in the container, that the product is lacking once applied to the eye, try adding a bit of water or toner to the brush before tapping it into the product, and then pat the product on your eyelid. This will bring the metallic and shimmery components within the product out from within the product, and have your eyes looking stunning for as long as you’d like to wear your shadow.

Woman using eyeshadow as an eyeliner.

Use Eyeshadow as an Eyeliner
If you are searching for your brown kohl eyeliner, and just can’t seem to find it, you can go in and line your lash line with a brown eyeshadow instead, by using an angled flat brush meant for gel liner application. You can opt to blend the product outwards a bit to give it a smudged, soft effect, or you could leave it as it is. You can also complete this look with any other eyeshadow hue under the sun! Fear not when you run out of your fave liners, as long as you’ve got eyeshadow around.

Use Shimmery Shadows as a Highlight
When you’re in a pinch, try using your favorite shimmery eyeshadow as a highlight for the inner corners of the eyes and top of the cheek bones. Colors with golden or peach tones, pearlescent tones, and white tones would make a fabulous highlighter.

Stylist applying a primer on a woman's eyes.

Use Primer to Ensure Longevity of Wear
Apply a eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid before you go in with your base eyeshadow coat to hold onto the product all day long, and also to grab what may end up being fallout, holding it in place rather than ruining your cheeks.

Pat, Don’t Brush
When you apply your eyeshadow, you should always pack the product onto the eyelid, don’t brush it on, to give a more even, thorough application with as much pigment as possible. This of course depends on the look you’re going for. If you’re seeking a more subtle look, it’s perfectly acceptable to swipe the brush across your eyelid for minimal color; but if you’re wanting a bright or dark eye with lots of detail and color, be sure to build the product on.