Woman with slicked back hair and a flower

Slicked-back hair isn’t just for the guys anymore! You may have noticed some of your favorite celebs rocking slicked-back hair at red carpet events and countless models on the runways for this season. Truly, slicked-back hair is a great way to style your hair when you’re on your 2-3 day after washing your hair. Since we all know the importance of NOT washing your hair daily it can get old to wear your hair in the same ‘dirty’ hair styles. Fortunately, slicked-back hair is a great update to your hair styles between washes. You’re probably wondering…”ok, so how do I actually achieve slicked-back hair?” We’ve got you covered with the tools you need for the perfect slicked-back hair.

Texturizing Product
All the hair gurus suggest the best way to start the process of styling your hair in a slicked-back style is to add texturizing product to your locks. The texturizing product helps to give your hair a little more, well…texture. Apply this product to your hair before you do anything to give a solid base to start with.

blonde woman against white background

Bristle Brush
The next step is suggested to blow dry your hair, whether you just washed your hair or you’re on 2-3 day hair, drying your hair with a bristle brush helps to add a bit of volume at the roots to really set the tone for creating a slicked-back look. Blow dry your hair as you normally would, in sections, but be sure to use the bristle brush and really focus on adding volume to the roots of your hair. After you’ve done that, dry your hair as straight as possible on the sides.

Small Flat Iron
You don’t necessarily need the hair to be perfectly straight, but if you have any frizziness or any pieces that you want to be a bit sleeker running a small flat iron over them helps to give your slicked-back look more sleekness. Hair stylists typically talk about just focusing on using a flat iron to create this style on the sides and ends of your hair, since the top portion and sides are pulled back in the slicked-back style.

woman slicking her hair back with oil

Hair Oil
Since the slicked-back look is all about that slicked look and feel, adding oil to your hair with a special hair oil product helps to add moisture and really create that cohesive look. You only need a small amount of hair oil to get the job done, but applying to your hair after blow drying is key to really creating this type of hair style.

Hair Gel / Texture Paste
Depending on your hair type, needs and comfort level will depend upon what type of product you use to finish the slicked-back style. Most hair stylists suggest using a texturizing paste type of product to keep the texture emphasized in your hair when adding it to slick back the top/sides of your hair. If you don’t have access to a texturizing paste, hair gel can work just as well here. Just keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of either of these products to accomplish the look.