cup of cappuccino
The past few years, it seems like we’ve been more engaged and knowledgeable about national holidays.  Sure, we all know about the big holidays like Christmas, Passover, Halloween – you get the idea.  But you’ve probably noticed posts on social media about other types of national holidays that aren’t as well known.  National Cappuccino Day is likely one of those national holidays that you may not even know existed.  Well, today is National Cappuccino Day!  Naturally, we thought it would be fun to share some things about cappuccino in honor of the national day.

Cappuccino has grown in popularity in the United States, while it’s been incredibly popular in European countries for years.  Not many people know what cappuccino actually is, if you’re NOT familiar with what goes into cappuccino being made, it’s a pretty simple formula to create a cappuccino.  Essentially, a cappuccino is a combination of espresso, hot milk and milk foam.  Because espresso is used to make cappuccino, it’s typically made with quite a bit caffeine (unless you get a decaffeinated version of course).  While traditionally, cappuccino is made with the espresso and milk for flavoring – its 2016 so you know there are a ton of different flavors available in cappuccinos now.  Everything from raspberry to orange to brandy flavors are available in cappuccinos now.

pouring coffee
If you’re new to the coffee and more specifically, the cappuccino world you may feel like the only way to really indulge in this delicious drink is to head to your local coffee shop.  But that’s not the case!  Many at-home coffee machines have a cappuccino making setting, and there are a ton of different instant cappuccino products available on the market now.  So while you may not get some cool designs that coffee shops create with the milk foam, you can still enjoy a cappuccino while you’re at home.

But if you’re new to cappuccino and you want to really get the full experience, head into your local coffee shop on National Cappuccino Day to really get the idea of what a cappuccino is all about.  Many local coffee shops are into making fun designs with the milk foam on top, while it doesn’t add anything to the taste or flavor of your cappuccino you’re sure to enjoy your first cappuccino experience a little bit  more – after all, we eat and drink with our eyes first!  Not to mention, if you’re new to having a cappuccino, ordering one at your favorite local coffee shop first will give you an idea of what they’re meant to taste like so you can know a bit more when you go to create them at home.

Now, like many other national holidays, some coffee shops and companies may even be doing some special promotions and offers for cappuccino on this national day.  It’s a fun way to get into the spirit of the national day.  We think these fun and different national days are a fun way to get a little something fun to celebrate.