woman with wet, red hair

The wet hair look has been showing up on celebs everywhere. From Kendall Jenner to Kim Kardashian and models down almost every runway, it’s hard to miss this unique hair style. But it’s not just celebs and models that can pull off this trending hair style. You can work it, too! We know you may be a bit intimidated to try this hair style for yourself, so we rounded up a few of our favorite tips for pulling off the wet hair look just for you.

Create Some Definition
While the wet hair look is one that’s got that ‘undone’ type of vibe to it, it’s not about having messy looking hair. Sure, you can work the wet hair look into your favorite loose waves and hair that isn’t perfectly straight but you want some definition. To really pull off the wet hair look without just looking like you hopped out of the shower (or haven’t washed your hair in a few days), you need to be sure your hair is tamed. So if you’re rocking those loose waves or effortless style, just use a brush/comb/etc. to bring the hair together in a more streamlined manner.

Skip the Part
WHOA?! You may be shocked by this one, but to really pull off the wet hair look you don’t want to have a defined part in your hair. When you have that wet hair look and your hair is parted in the center or off to the side it tends to give you the look of hair that just got out of the shower…or is just dirty. We’re going to go out a limb and assume you don’t want either of those things to happen so you want to skip the defined part. Instead, you want the hair to be slicked back  without any real part defined to give you that edgy-cool wet hair look.

woman with wet hair at the beach

Keep the Texture
Some runway shows had their models rocking the wet hair look with the wetness on top and more of a frizzy type of look on the bottom of the hair strands. While this is great for the artistic element that runway shows bring, it’s not the best for an everyday hair style. Having a texture that’s very dry and even frizzy looking on part of your hair with the wet look at the top will just give you the look of hair that needs to be washed. Again, we know you don’t want this so instead be sure that your hair has the same texture (or at least looks like the same) throughout all of your hair.

Pull All Your Hair Back
The wet hair look is pretty popular right now with hair that’s worn down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a wet hair look with your hair pulled back. In fact, pulling your hair back into more of an updo with the wet hair look is just as trending and can be incredibly chic. If you’re feeling frustrated with your hair down just pull it up!