woman with bangs

Itching to change your hair style, but not quite ready for a huge change? Generally when we think about changing our hair we think that the only way to make a change is by going through a HUGE transition with the color or cut. The truth is there are plenty of small, subtle tweaks you can make to your hair that will leave you feeling like you have a whole new look without the dramatic change. Sound too good to be true? To give you some inspiration we’re sharing some tips for tweaking your fav hair styles!

Add Bangs
Whether you’ve been rocking a bob or long hair style, one of the easiest tweaks you can make is to add bangs to your look. If you’ve been wearing your hair away from your face, without bangs it’s going to be a tweak that will leave you feeling like you have an entirely different hair style. The great thing about bangs is there’s a variety of different ways you can add bangs to your hair style. So if full, blunt bangs aren’t really your thing you can opt for a light dusting of side swept bangs instead. The point is, don’t underestimate the power of adding bangs to your hair style!

Change Your Part
Another incredibly under rated tweak to make to your fav hair style? Changing your part! We know this may seem TOO easy but it really can change your entire look. Most of us tend to get into the habit of styling our hair with the same part day after day, so doing something as simple as changing where you place your part in your hair will give you the tweak you’ve been looking for. The best part about this tweak is there’s no hair stylist or colorist needed and you can literally change your part placement every day if you wanted to!

Switch Up the Texture
Similar to the way we part our hair, most of us tend to wear our hair in the same texture almost every day. If you love wearing your hair straight, odds are you style your hair straight more often than not. Same goes for wavy or curly hair, we’re creatures of habit. But before you go thinking that you need to change your hair color or chop your hair to feel like you’re inspired by your hair again, try changing the way you style the texture of your hair. Since we get so used to styling our hair in the same texture, we can forget how different and refreshed we can feel just by doing something a little different. This means if you’re used to styling your hair straight change it up to add some wavy volume to the mix. On the flip side if you tend to always wear your hair wavy try straightening your hair. We’re willing to be that regardless of your hair length, you’re going to feel like you’ve completely changed your hair style with this one tweak.