woman applying face cream

Do you want glowing, healthy skin?  Don’t we all?!  We sure do, and if you’re like us you’re always up for discovering new and exciting tips that can potentially help you get that glowing, healthy skin you so eagerly want.  Sure there are a ton of amazing skin care products available on the market in today’s world that are said to help get that glow, but there has to be some other tips and tricks…right?  Well, yes there are!  You may be surprised at some of the best tips for glowing, healthy skin – to be honest.

Stop Touching!
Look, we totally get that it’s such a habit to want to touch your face (especially if you have a breakout or something on your skin) but if you want glowing, healthy skin you’re going to need to start resisting the temptation.  When we touch our face it can cause inflammation to occur, along with adding bacteria and oil to our face.  And let’s face it…no one wants any of those things to be happening to their skin.  So, let’s stop touching our face – keep those hands off!

woman drinking water

Consider Water
Really want glowing, healthy skin?  It’s time to get serious about drinking more water.  You’ve probably heard it before, but water plays such a huge role in our skin’s health and appearance.  Our skin craves water and hydration, so when we don’t drink enough water our skin’s lacking a lot of the necessary hydration – preventing it from glowing.  Start setting goals for yourself to reach with your water intake and work your way up to the recommended, eight 8oz glasses a day to start getting your skin the water it’s craving.  In addition to drinking plenty of water, many experts suggest that it’s important to water the water you’re IN to get that glowing healthy skin.  What do we mean?  We understand it’s tempting to want to jump in a long, hot shower (especially after a long day).  However, our skin doesn’t love long hot showers quite like we do.  In fact, they can cause our skin to be stripped of a lot of the natural oils causing our skin to appear dull and lacking a lot of natural moisture.  So resist the temptation and stick to shorter showers that are warm (not hot).  Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be on your way to glowing, healthy skin.

Be Cautious of the Products You Use
We’re all about skin care products and makeup (obviously), but we also understand that it’s important that you’re cautious about the products that you use.  Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of standards or restrictions in this industry so it’s important as the consumer to make sure that you’re proceeding with caution when choosing your products.  Focus on looking at the products ingredients and formulation.  Using high quality products is important, but you’re also going to want to make sure that the products you’re using have been formulated for your skin’s type.  Both of these attributes combined are going to do wonders for helping you get that glowing, healthy skin.