Woman having breakfast

We’ve all heard that old saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Most of us grew up hearing our parents and teachers really telling us to make sure we eat breakfast, and most of us did.  But when we get older and become adults, most of us kind of  let that breakfast thing slip to the side and don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about what to eat for breakfast…if we even eat breakfast at all.  You probably know you should eat breakfast, but don’t really want to think about all the different elements and ingredients to having a healthy breakfast.  Well the good news is a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to complicated, this is all you need for breakfast according to the experts…

Oatmeal or porridge has been found to be really the only thing you need for breakfast.  Shocked?  We were too!  We’ve all heard about eating oatmeal for breakfast, but you may not realize exactly WHY it’s such a good choice for breakfast and really all you need to eat for the first meal of the day.  The first benefit to eating oatmeal/porridge for breakfast is the fact that there isn’t additional sugar added to the meal.  Sugar tends to be one of the biggest culprits to health issues and weight gain, and so many foods have sugar added to them for flavoring.  In addition to it being a healthier choice, it’s also been found to keep you fuller longer due to not adding any additional sugars to them.

In addition to not being added with sugars, oatmeal and porridge are LOADED with essential vitamins and minerals that do our bodies wonders.  In general, breakfast foods (especially those breakfast cereals we hear so much about) don’t have enough of the vital vitamins or minerals our bodies need which can lead to us being hungry so early on.  Magnesium is one of the main vitamins that’s found in oatmeal/porridge and it also happens to be the vitamin that many experts say people are low in on their daily diets.  In addition, it’s also said to be a nutrient that our bodies REALLY need – especially if we want to have more energy.

If that wasn’t enough, porridge and oatmeal have also been found to slowly release carbohydrates.  Typically we hear about avoiding carbohydrates, but when we eat more carbohydrates that slowly release they help in aiding our bodies in healing, recovering and having more energy.  See how that energy thing keeps popping up?  Since most of us are lacking as much energy as we would like, incorporating porridge and oatmeal can be a great way to get an extra energy boost into our lives.

Of course, we couldn’t go through all the benefits to eating porridge/oatmeal for breakfast without mentioning the fact that you can easily switch it up.  Adding nuts and fruit in different combinations is a great way to switch up your go-to breakfast without feeling like you get tired of it, but still reaping the benefits of eating it in the morning.