blonde woman

Hair color trends have taken on a life of their own in the past couple of years. Thanks to the rise of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, hair color trends and inspirations are constantly streaming past us. Artists and beauty gurus everywhere have taken pulling inspiration to new heights. Last year we experienced the incredible galaxy hair color, with colors of the galaxy mixed into the locks of ladies. This year, there’s a new hair inspiration that’s just (if not more) unique as the galaxy inspiration but we kind of love it. The nostalgic hair colors of summer are keeping their colorful hues!

So what is the new nostalgic hair color of summer? Cereal inspired hair color! Yep, you read that correctly….cereal. Not the cheerios or bran type cereals-don’t be silly! No, this cereal hair is much more colorful. Ladies are pulling hair color inspiration from cereals like lucky charms and fruity pebbles. Did we peek your interest? We recently noticed the incredibly colorful hair posts streaming across our Instagram feed and realized the correlation between the hair color and a lot of the captions included. After the galaxy hair inspiration, we were honestly waiting to see what colorful hair trend would pop up next and we’re all about the cereal inspiration. With a lot of 90’s trends and inspiration being popular within the past year, we’re not all that shocked ladies are throwing it back to their favorite throwback cereals.

You may be wondering what cereal inspired hair color really looks like-right? The difference between cereal hair color and galaxy hair color are the actual hair colors-but they both include a variation of bright hues and pastels. Depending upon the preferences of the individual we’ve seen cereal hair in pastel tones, gathering inspiration from lucky charms and the colors seen in marshmallows of that classic cereal. On the flip side, with the fruity pebbles cereal inspiration is much more vibrant in colors. Galaxy hair was much more about the blues, purples and greens mixed together to create that galaxy vibe. Cereal hair seems to incorporate a range of colors, but much more focused on orange, red and pink throughout.

One of our favorite aspects of hair color is the fact that you’re able to incorporate trends like the cereal hair color trend in a way that best suits you. So if you’re feeling bold, adding these vibrant colors to ALL of your hair is a way to completely embrace the nostalgic colors. But if you want the trend, without the commitment of your entire head of hair in a combination of colors it can also be done in an ombre style. Just like with the galaxy hair trend, and so many other colorful hair trends we’ve experienced in the past year, it’s all about perception and how you want to embrace them to express your personal style in a way that feels good to you.

What do you think about this hair color trend? Would you try it?