Woman straightening her hair

So many women want that gorgeous straight hair, mostly for those that don’t naturally have straight hair.  But often times the process of getting your hair more permanently straightened can be taxing on your hair.  Luckily, there are temporary straightening options so we can enjoy straight hair but also have the versatility of going back to our natural hair.  If you’re interested in achieving a temporary straight hair look, all it requires is having a few key products and techniques.  Ready to get straight hair at home?

Use Straightening Products
So just like getting a gorgeous voluminous blowout we need to use volumizing products to enhance the bounce we need to do the same with to achieve straight hair.  It’s suggested to take it a step further and incorporate a shampoo and conditioner that’s formulation includes straightening effects, plus a great straightening/smoothing serum or lotion.  When you’re looking to achieve a temporarily straight hairstyle it’s important to avoid products that are heavy for your hair, this can weight your hair down and affect the appearance.  It’s advised to apply a smoothing/straightening lotion or serum to damp hair, prior to drying your hair.

Dry and Straighten in Sections
After you’ve applied your products break your hair up into sections to dry your hair.  Using either a round or paddle brush is best when you’re drying hair for a straight style.  Additionally, experts suggest aiming the hairdryer down from the roots towards the ends to emphasize and encourage hair to dry in a straighter way.  Once you’ve completely dried your hair and given it a chance to cool completely, go over the hair in sections again with a flat iron to get an even straighter style.

Finishing Products
To further complete the look finish with a shine serum and/or hairspray and you’re done!  While this temporary hair straightening look lasts until the next time you wash your hair a way to maximize  the straight haired look is to spritz some dry shampoo on the roots for the 2nd or 3rd day hair.  This way you’re able to prolong the straight hair and keep from having to straighten your hair daily.  Since straightening your hair does require a decent amount of heated styling, it’s important you don’t do this every single day to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

While there are other temporary hair straightening options like relaxers, using those too often can cause damage to your hair over time.  Like with any hairstyle, it’s important to consider the wear and tear that it could put on your hair.  Keeping your hair’s health in mind during any decisions like these, so you don’t have to deal with any hair damage down the line.  The good news is achieving straight hair at home is easy, all you need is a few of the essential hair care products and tools to help you achieve gorgeous, sleek straight hair in the comfort of your own home.