Stylist applying makeup

Planning your Sweet 16 can be a lot of stress, you want to look your best, feel your best, and of course have a great time.  Like any teen turning 16 you’re probably really stressing about how to do your hair and makeup for your big celebration.  Since you’re probably overwhelmed trying to look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips to keep in mind for your hair and makeup the day of your celebration.

Consider Your Theme
When selecting your hair and makeup looks for the day of your Sweet 16 it’s important to first consider the theme of your party.  Since it’s the theme of the party, you’ll probably want hair and makeup that goes along with your chosen theme or is at least inspired by it.  It will help bring the theme of your event to life for you and your guests.

Be You with a Little Boost of Glam
A tip from LavaLove: One thing that’s super important for any big event is to make sure you still look like yourself! There’s nothing worse than looking back at pictures and thinking “who is that?”  You’ll want to make sure you look like yourself, but of course, a little extra boost of glam added to your look.

Do a Practice Run 
Like many other big events, it’s not a bad idea to do a trial run of your hair and makeup before the actual day of the event.  This way if you decide you want to make some changes or adjustments you’re not scrambling or stressing the day of your sweet 16 party.  Plus, it gives you time to gather extra inspiration and really make sure you and your trusted professionals are on the same page with what you’re looking to achieve for your overall hair and makeup look.

Emphasize on Wear
Since you’ll likely be dancing and having a blast during your sweet 16 celebration, you’ll want to make sure that your hair and makeup will pass the test and you don’t end up without anything left by the end of the night.  Make sure whoever does your hair and makeup knows what you’ll be doing, the environment and any weather factors that may come into play to ensure your hair and make states up to the test.  Things like primers, settings sprays and of course hair spray are going to be your best friend for your big day – don’t be stingy with them!

Prep Yourself
Because you’re likely going to have more hair and makeup products on the day of your event, and you’re going to want your skin and hair to be in the best shape possible.  It’s important to prep your hair and skin before your big day.  This means eating healthy, drinking tons of water, avoiding heated hair styling as much as possible leading up to the event, and doing a good exfoliation.  All of these things will play a huge role in your skin and hair’s health for the day of your sweet 16.