Sushi has quickly become a go-to luxury food indulgence among us.  It’s no wonder either, there’s something deliciously decadent about sushi.  Maybe it’s the rare ingredients used or the experience of eating sushi.  Whatever it is, we love it!  Kabayaki is a common indulgence in many sushi restaurants and meals.  You may have seen kabayaki (also known as unagi) on the menu and weren’t quite sure what it was or how to enjoy it.  Since we’re all about luxury and indulging in the unique wonders of our world, we’re sharing some of the ways you’re able to enjoy kabayaki, so you can experience what it’s all about!


The Traditional Way
Traditionally, kabayaki is a broiled eel meal served with a special teriyaki/soy-type sauce (the kabayaki sauce).  This traditional meal is common in Japanese culture.  Typically this is different from the kabayaki that you see at sushi restaurants (we’ll get to that in just a minute).  The kabayki contains an incredible amount of vitamins and omega 3-fatty acids, making it an incredibly healthy food.  While traditionally it’s made with broiled eel, the actual kabayaki sauce is prepared the same way using other types of fish.  Essentially, it’s often used similar to a BBQ or teriyaki sauce and has even been said to taste great with chicken and other proteins.  Talk about a versatile sauce!

Sushi Sauce
Ok, so here’s the deal. Kabayaki is actually an eel sauce.  Many sushi chefs take a lot of pride in using this traditional, luxurious sauce throughout their sushi menus.  The sauce takes quite a process to make, and it’s been used for an incredibly long time in Japanese culture.  Because this eel sauce is looked at as such a luxurious ingredient in cuisine, many chefs and recipes share that the sauce really has the ability to take almost anything up a notch.  Which is most likely why it’s used throughout sushi so much – to add another flavor element in a unique way.

While eel isn’t a traditionally common ingredient in the United States, it is highly sought after in the Japanese culture.  Because of this, there’s quite a bit of the use of kabayaki throughout Japanese cuisine.  It’s an element added throughout many sushi rolls and meals that add another flavor level that many may not realize is coming from the unique ingredient.  Many diners may not even realize with the sauce is actually made of!  There’s something so luxurious about sushi, and this famous kabayaki eel sauce definitely contributes to that luxury feel.  Because so many sushi rolls are made with ingredients many in the United States aren’t used to, there’s a certain element of uniqueness to the meals that we don’t often find in other cuisines.  Now that we’ve shared a little more about what this kabayaki sauce actually is, and different ways for you to enjoy the unique sauce, how do you think you’re going to start enjoying it?