pony tail

There’s something about the long summer days that never get old. As we begin to wind down the summer season and welcome fall, we’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about the summer hair styles that were so popular this season. Every season that comes to an end, we enjoy taking some time to look back on the trends we were all in love with before we transition into welcome a whole new set of trends. Of course summer celebs make these hair styles look great-but there’s still time for you to try them out for yourself!

The Lob
It’s no secret that short, blunt hair styles have been a huge trend this summer. This is a trend countless celebs rocked themselves throughout the summer. Between Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence (just to name a few) they really showed us how modern and trendy the lob hair style really can feel. The great thing about the lob hair style is you’re able to really get the best of both worlds. The length offers you that short, bob hair style feel but it’s long enough to have more versatility than you do with a traditional bob hair style.

Exposed Bobby Pins
Traditionally, bobby pins are used for function in creating hair styles we all know and love. They’re always a go to when styling hair but usually in a way that we don’t actually see them after the hair style has been created. That is…until this season! We witnessed a new trend of exposed bobby pins (and hair clips) added into hair styles for a totally unique look. Personally, we’re all about this different take on utilizing these go to hair accessories-actually using them as hair accessories! Janelle Monae, Kim Kardashian, and Ciara were among a few of the gorgeous celebs that rocked this summer hair trend.

Perky Half-up Hair
Half up hair styles are always a classic go to, but this summer it’s been a main focus in hair trends. Everywhere you turn you’re likely to see a woman rocking a half up hair style either in person or on social media. Ladies are getting creative with the classic hair style and finding ways to change it up a bit. This summer one of the big trends with half up hair styles was wearing it in a teased, high pony type of way. It adds that perky, playful twist to the classic hair look. Even though it’s a hair style that many of us have styled in our hair countless times, when worn as a high ponytail type of way it creates a totally different look and feel. Celebs like Rihanna, Arianna Grande and Chrissy Teigen were just a few of the stunning ladies to rock this hair style trend through the summer months.

Honestly, we could go on and on about the fun hair styles we saw and appreciated throughout the summer. Fortunately there’s still some time to enjoy them before we see what fall trends we have to look forward to.