Ahhh the Fall season, there’s something so fun about the change in seasons.  Ok, ok, we kind of love the fact that we’re able to dress a little bit different in the Fall season.  There’s something so fun and effortless about stylish weekend tees and kicks in the Fall season.  It always seems like we’re able to look pulled together with little effort during the fall months, but feel totally Fall appropriate to be able to participate in Fall activities without spending a ton of time or effort on our look. But if you’re not really sure how to pull off that effortless Fall look, we’re sharing how to rock stylish weekend tees and kicks this season like a pro.

girls in jeans and bright shoes

Great Fitting Jeans
We’re all about that easy, Fall uniform to rock when the temperatures start to drop.  But we know you’re probably like us, and although you want it to be easy you still want to feel stylish.  One of the keys to rocking the stylish weekend tees and kicks is having great jeans that fit you well.  Now this is totally up to you and your personal style, it can be anything from a traditional dark wash skin jean, to ripped jeans, to even a waxed coated denim to give you a little edgy look.  Regardless of what you choose, make sure the length works for your favorite kicks (sneakers) and fit you comfortably so you don’t feel like you’re restricted during your weekend activities.

Create Chic Layers
To really master the stylish weekend tees and kicks, you’ve got to get some layering action in.  The good news is it’s not difficult, really throwing on a favorite tee of yours can be completely transformed when you add a leather jacket or pea coat.  Play around with different tees this Fall season to really master your Fall weekend wear uniform, if you like solid color tees try different colors.  If you don’t really like the solid color tees start adding in graphic tees.  They’re both super versatile and you can wear them just as easily with different layers over the top.  If it’s not quite cool enough to wear a jacket over your tees, add a little Fall style by adding a scarf with your look – it’s cute and versatile but still will have you feeling the fall spirit.

bright shoes

Have Fun With Your Kicks
There’s definitely been a rise in popularity of kicks (aka sneakers) in the past couple of years.  Sneakers in general have become much more mainstream and we have SO many different options, there’s truly something for everyone.  Find some sneakers that you’re really drawn to, are comfortable, and fit into your personal style well.  If you’re not a traditional sneaker person, there are sneakers with metallic finishes, studs, prints…you name it there’s a sneaker with it on.

The thing that we love about stylish tees and kicks is you don’t have to worry about a lot of accessories, when you have great fitting clothes and kicks that are fun, that’s all you need to feel great while you’re out and about this weekend.