woman in sequin dress

The holidays are right around the corner (seriously, have you checked the calendar?), and while we know you’re busy planning where you’re going to be, who you’re going to see, and what you’re going to eat… we also know that deep down you’re wondering what you’re going to wear.  For many, the holidays are one of the few times throughout the year you see some of the friends and family members you see at holiday functions.  So naturally, you want to look your best.  Plus, let’s not forget to mention the holidays are always special and we all want to feel a little special during this time.  We thought it would be fun to share some stylish attire for the holidays to give you a little inspiration for your holiday attire this year.

There’s something about the holidays that just scream sequins and all things sparkly, don’t you think?  Since the holidays are an extra special time of year, it’s fun to wear some clothes that have a little extra special detailing…like sequins.  Now the key with wearing sequins, of course, is to do so tastefully so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball.  This year, we’re all about choosing one statement piece that’s made of sequins and complimenting that statement piece with other neutrals and more subtle clothes.  It gives you enough of a statement to make your outfit special, and it’s a really classy and chic way to incorporate sequins in a grown up way.

A Little Velvet Touch
In case you haven’t already noticed, velvet is kind of having a moment right now.  Thanks to the 90’s style revolution we’re in, velvet is back and in full effect.  The good news is velvet is always a really fun, holiday appropriate fabric.  Again, there’s just something about it that feels unique but still classy and just feels perfect for the holidays.  While there are full on velvet suits happening right now, we know you’re probably wanting something a little less velvety for the holidays (in case you spill on yourself).  We’re really loving the jewel tone velvet clothing pieces retailers have right now, they’re warm and rich in color and just feel inviting – talk about holiday perfect, right?  Mix your velvet with some other fun textures like sheer or even leather for a completely unique look that’s sure to make a statement this holiday season.

woman in red dress

Go Red
Of course, there’s something about wearing red that just feels… right during the holidays.  It’s such a powerful color that’s also synonymous with the holidays.  Wearing red garments is a great way to get into the holiday spirit without wearing an actual wreath printed shirt.  Whether it’s a red dress, or a red skirt you’re sure to look great when you slip into something red this holiday season.  Since red is such a powerful color, keep the other elements of your look a little more subtle so your clothes don’t overwhelm you.