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Thanksgiving is just days away at this point, and in the United States, Black Friday has become synonymous with Thanksgiving.  It’s really become a huge phenomenon and major shopping day that happens every single year.  There’s always a ton of build up around Black Friday, and you always hear people talking about it in the weeks leading up.  So many people are torn between shopping or not shopping on Black Friday.  Some don’t feel it’s worth it, while others love it.  The truth is, like anything, there are certain strategies for really making the most of a big event like this.  If you’ve been thinking about shopping on Black Friday this year, we’re sharing our favorite strategies so you can be fully prepared.

Make a List
Listen, we’ve all gotten hung up on that sale rush one too many times, but if you really want to make the most of Black Friday the first thing you need to do is make a list.  You don’t go grocery shopping without knowing what you want/need to get, so why do your Black Friday shopping without one?  Create a list of any gifts or items you need to get for yourself or others before you do anything.  If you’re not totally sure what you want, at least create some guidelines around items so you have a plan in place.  This will make things much easier and help you avoid making those purchases that you don’t actually need or want.

woman on laptop making list

Do Some Pre-Shopping
Once you know the items you want and need to get, many shopping experts actually suggest you head out to the stores either in person or online and start to examine  what stores actually have the items that you need.  Knowing and really understanding what stores have the items you’re looking for is going to help you eliminate that roaming around frenzy that so many of us get tied up in during the Black Friday madness.  As you discover the stores that have the items that you need/want to keep notes as to where those items are located in the stores, what stores have the items, and their current prices.  Getting in touch with the CURRENT prices of the items is also going to help you determine whether the sale prices are really sale prices.  In addition, do some comparison shopping on prices so you really have a realistic idea as to what the cost is.  Many suggest doing this as far ahead of Black Friday as possible.

Plan Your Shopping Excursion
You know what you want, and who has it… now it’s time to get a game plan in place.  If you’re shopping online, do some research to see if there are any special coupons surfacing the net.  If you’re doing your shopping in person, do your research to figure out what stores are open when and plan your shopping excursion accordingly.  Having a plan is going to help you maximize on your time and efforts and really make sure that you’re able to get to the stores and items you want most at the best times.