Ahh, spring is in the air the flowers are starting to bloom the weather’s getting warmer. But enough about the outdoors, we’re ready to switch up our hair for the season! Generally by this time of year, beauty lovers are ready to lighten up their hair to match the warmer weather. Highlights are a great way to change up your look and this season’s highlighting trends are varying from bold to subtle and everything in between.

Let’s break down a few of the most popular highlight trends this season:


You’re going to see babylights EVERYWHERE this Spring season. They’ve been making headway in the past year, but this spring you won’t miss them. If you’re not familiar, babylights are very natural, barely-there highlights that are placed towards the bottom of your hair to create a naturally highlighted effect. It’s a gorgeous highlighting look that can be incredibly brightening (and lightening) to give you that extra little boost as the seasons change.

Hair highlights

Hair Contouring
Yep, you read that right. Contouring isn’t just for makeup anymore, your hair can get in on the contouring action, too! Celebs like Penelope Cruz and Chrissy Teigen have been seen embracing the contouring highlight trend. Essentially what hair contouring is, is strategically placed highlights and lowlights that enhance your face shape. So just like you contour and highlight certain areas with makeup to accent your face shape, hair stylists can do the same with your hair. Pretty clever, huh?

Hair with golden tones

Golden Tones
For both blondes and brunettes, there’s a lot of golden tones in highlighting this season. It’s a flattering color for both hair colors and it’s a great way to add dimension and warmth in a subtle way. Mixing in the highlights in different application processes seems to be a huge theme with trends like balayage, and ombre still holding popularity. Even adding just a few touches of golden hues strategically throughout your hair can be a great little update for the new season.

Hair accents

Colorful Accents
It seems to be the season of variety, including color! We’re seeing pops of neon and bright colors to more subtle hints of burgundy. A great way to incorporate a brighter hue is opting for lowlights, with hints of the color peeking through the bottom of your hair. The color options are definitely limitless this season. Just be sure you go to an experienced hairstylist when opting for the bolder statements to make sure the application is done right and you can avoid any unnecessary damage.

With so many highlighting trends sweeping through this spring season, there are plenty of options! Whether you’re more drawn to natural highlighting, or looking for more of a bold statement this is the season to express yourself. Regardless of the highlighting trend you choose, make sure you go to a hairstylist with extensive knowledge and experience in highlighting to avoid any hair-gone-wrong mishaps. But most importantly, have fun with it!

Which of these spring highlight trends do you like the best? Will you be giving any of them a try yourself this season?