Bloated bellies are NEVER fun, especially if you’re trying to get ready in a fun outfit for the day or evening. Whenever you’re dealing with some bloating it always seems to feel like our clothes feel snugger and we just don’t feel quite as great as we’d like to. So many of us tend to feel like bloating is just something we have to deal with every so often (or more) because it’s just part of life. But the truth is, there are some things that have been found to help with soothing a bloated belly. We don’t like dealing with bloat as much as anyone else, so we’re sharing the tips we’ve found for you to give them a try for yourself!

Potassium-rich Foods
Although when we’re bloated eating MORE or anything at all often seems like it might only make things worse, many people have found that potassium-rich foods can give a nice soothing effect to a bloated belly. Why? Well, it turns out that potassium actually helps to keep the fluid in our bodies more balanced, which can help to ease the bloating that you could be experiencing. In addition to helping to give your body more balance, they’re also said to help flush out your body from any of the excess fluids you may have that could be causing the bloating. Some of the best potassium rich foods are bananas, nuts, spinach, and tomatoes–to name a few.

Avoid Carbonation
You may have noticed that anytime you drink beverages that have a lot of carbonation in them, you tend to feel a bit more full or bloated.  Well, to put it simply, it’s because the carbonation in these types of drinks are really bubbles which can cause your belly to experience some bloating. To soothe some of that bloated belly feeling, cut the carbonated drink. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes.

Add More Calcium and Magnesium
Many women tend to experience a lot of bloating before and/or during their time of the month. Since this isn’t a bloating struggle that’s the result of anything that we eat, it can be difficult to figure out how to soothe a bloated belly in this sense. However, many experts have found that when women increase their calcium and magnesium intake in their diets, they tend to experience less bloating in their bodies. Both calcium and magnesium have been found to help soothe bloating in the belly.


Incorporate Probiotics
Another great way that many people have found helps with soothing a bloated belly is to incorporate more probiotics into your diet. Probiotics are essentially looked at as good bacteria that are found to help ease bloating in the body, as well as help with digestion overall. You can incorporate probiotics by actually taking a probiotic supplement and/or yogurt to add this good bacteria into your diet to really reap the benefits of it.