woman applying hand lotion

This time of year the climate tends to be pretty dry, leaving our skin feeling dry along with it. You’ve probably experienced some dryness in different areas of your skin, but many of us tend to notice that our hands and lips tend to get extra dry this time of year. It’s never fun dealing with rough and dry hands, especially as an adult (ok, no matter what your age is it’s not any fun). It’s always a habit to immediately just try to apply different lotion products to ease some of the dryness. But it may not be really helping in the way that you’d like. We’re sharing our favorite tips for softening up rough and dry hands so you can have silky smooth hands.

So often we hear about exfoliating the skin on our face, but the skin on the rest of our bodies need exfoliation as well. Our hands tend to be put through quite a bit of wear and tear on a daily basis since we use them so much, and they tend to get exposed to elements that can cause them to become extremely rough and dry. Exfoliating your hands is going to be crucial in helping you to really soften up rough and dry hands. Exfoliating your hands on a consistent basis helps to get rid of a lot of the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin that cause your hands to feel rough and dry. Additionally, exfoliating them and getting rid of those dead skin cells helps to allow the skin to better absorb the other products you apply to your hands.

Moisturize Consistently
You already know that applying a lotion product to your hands is a great way to get your hands feeling less dry. But the key to really making the most out of your moisturizing efforts is to apply the moisturizing product after you wash your hands, when your skin is nice and soft, and after you exfoliate your hands. Experts suggest carrying a moisturizer with you so that you can keep up with adding moisture to the skin on your hands more often, and prevent them from becoming overly dry. Applying the product throughout the day is key to really keeping up with maintaining the moisture in your hands. When your hands are rough and dry it’s often because they’re lacking a lot of the moisture that they need.

woman washing hands

Watch the Water and Chemicals
So often we have habits that we do daily with our hands that can cause them to become dry and rough. Wondering what those habits are? Using water that’s really hot is one of the most common habits that we all tend to fall into that can cause the skin on our hands to become really dry and rough. The hot water can strip the natural oils from our hands taking out a lot of the natural moisture. Additionally, using a lot of chemically based products can also cause dryness to occur. Make it a habit to use lukewarm water and products that don’t contain a lot of drying chemicals.