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It’s a new season, and you’re probably ready for a change in your look. Sometimes it can seem like it’s a big transformation to change your look when you have the itch. But really, if you want to make a change to your look you can do so with just a small adjustment. We’re serious! You don’t have to make a dramatic change to your hair to still feel the freshness of having something different. To prove our point, we’re sharing some of the easiest small changes to help you change you look.

Add Bangs
If you’ve been rocking the side swept bangs for a while you’re probably ready for something different. One of our favorite ways to change things, easily is to simply add a straight across bang to your look. It’s something that seemingly seems like a small change but can really change your overall look in an instant. Experts suggest that one of the best ways to get bangs, and have an easier time growing them out, is to keep them on the longer side for length as well as keep the edges a bit longer than the center of your bangs.

Darken Your Hair Color
Ok, so this one may be a bit on the more dramatic side but at the end of the day just changing the color of your hair is a fairly small change to make with your look. But you, like anyone, know that changing your hair color can really give you a refreshing change to your look. While making an appointment with your trusted colorist is ideal if you’re not really in the mood to head into the salon to have a change done to your hair there are a lot of great at-home hair coloring kits that can give you a change in your hair color in the matter of a short time.

long hair

Grow Out The Length
While there have been quite a few celebrities going for the big chop in hair length, you may be wanting the opposite. Growing your hair out to be longer is another thing that’s a smaller change but can really change your entire look. If you want to progress the growth time of your hair, start incorporating some vitamins like biotin into your daily routine. In addition, make sure that you’re using quality hair care products, not washing your hair too often, and massaging your scalp as often as possible. All of these things will help to keep your hair healthy, which will help promote the growth of your locks. Of course, if you want length instantly there’s always extensions!

Chop Your Length
The opposite of what we mentioned above, if you’ve been rocking long locks for a while chopping your hair can also be a small change to make that really will change your entire look. Make an appointment with your hair stylist and chop some of the length off of your hair. The amount you choose to cut off is totally up to you. Don’t under estimate the power of getting rid of some length!