mom and baby sleeping

If you’re a new mom, or soon to be new mom, you’ve likely been faced with the reality of your sleep schedule being affected.  While it is an incredibly common struggle for new moms all over the world, it’s also something that can drain you – quickly.  Sleep is important…to put it lightly.  Health experts continue to come out with more facts and research around why we ALL need to get our sleep at night, and new moms are no exception.  Since we know how important sleep is for everyone, we wanted to discover a few tips for helping new moms (or soon to be) have more sleep filled nights.

Be Strict With A Schedule
Experts suggest really getting strict with a schedule.  This means feeding at the same times, napping at the same times…you get the picture.  It’s said that if you’re a little too lax about the schedule thing, that’s when things start to slowly spiral out of control and end up negatively affecting your sleep schedule.  Not only does this help regulate yours and your baby’s schedule, but it also gives you a more scheduled time to actually get some shut eye yourself.  Since you’ll be on more of a schedule (baby, too!), you will know exactly when it’s time for a nap and it really takes a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the situation.

Get Your Partner Involved
It’s natural for the mother to want to take over and do EVERYTHING with and for the new baby.  But the truth is, you don’t have to do it all, and you shouldn’t have to!  Getting your partner involved in the sleep schedule can be a major advantage and win-win for everyone.  Many experts suggest figuring out how you and your partner can rotate nights to get up with the baby, and figure out little systems and ways for new mom to get some extra shut eye while dad takes over for a bit.  Even if that means dad is doing some of the baby duty in the early evening to let mom have a little time off, figure out what works for you both and get into a routine with it.  Most importantly, talk it out with your partner!  They don’t know what you need help with unless you tell them, this is a major time for communication.

Don’t Take On Too Much
Women, and moms are notorious for taking on EVERYTHING for everyone and putting themselves last.  But in this time of being a new mom with a new baby, you really need to make sure you’re not taking on more responsibilities or commitments than you can really handle.  The added stress and frustration can add to your exhaustion and even keep you up at night worrying.  Instead, just be honest with yourself and everyone else and don’t feel bad about turning things down.  It’s your time to focus on you and your baby, know your limits and respect them.

If you’re a mom or a new mom, what have you found helps you to get more sleep?