How to Do a Simple Lip Makeup?

Lip makeups can seem simple but unless you are confident and know what you are doing, you may just end messing things up. You can try out with a simple makeup. Simple makeups aren’t that hard to accomplish and look beautiful and elegant.

So, what do you need to know when doing a simple makeup?

Simple lip makeup has gained a lot of popularity in recent times as they give your lips a nice and appealing look without overdoing it. Make your lips look extremely elegant, be it day or night. You need to follow these simple tips in order to do it right.

Red lips

  • Emphasize on one thing at a time

It is always better to either emphasize on your lips or your mouth but never both. If you apply dark eye makeup, go easy on the lips with a light lip gloss and if its bright red lipstick that you love wearing, keep it simple on the eyes with just an eyeliner.

  • Remember when to apply gloss

If you wish to go for nude lips, cover them with foundation and then apply gloss over it. This will make the lips look colorless. In order to make your lips look fuller yet simple, apply the liner right outside your natural lip line and fill it in with lip gloss.

  • Choosing the right color

Choose the right lipstick or gloss shade with this simple tip. Always use a shade or 2 darker than the natural color of your lips. Some shades that go well with all types of complexion are orange, brown and corals.

  • Don’t forget to get the right brush

It is ideal to apply lipsticks using a brush that is specially designed for it. Another great way to apply lipstick is to use the middle finger to smudge the color on both the lips and then smack them together.

  • Know when to use the liner

If you wish to keep your lip makeup simple but also make it last longer, then fill the lips with the liner first and then apply the lipstick over it to get the perfect look. The lip gloss when applied alone wears off quickly but giving it a base with liner helps the gloss to stick onto something for many hours.

  • Lining your lips to get the best effect

In order to get a more natural and simple look, apply lipstick and line your lips. If you are using a light lipstick, avoid using a dark liner or it will make your lips look weird.

  • It’s all about etiquette

Never test a lipstick in a store by applying on your lips directly. Apply it on the back of your hands instead to check the shade as this area of your hands is closest to your lips.

  • What to do with a dark color lipstick?

If you have a dark shade of lipstick that you do not wear anymore, use it as a dark liner and conceal with a light lipstick on top to give your lips a simple yet appealing look. This will make the lips look fuller without overdoing the lip makeup.

Beautiful bright evening makeup woman, black nails polish and black lipstick

Be it your work place or a party that you need to attend, get perfect-looking lips each time you move out of the house. Follow the steps above and you might just be the person everybody looks at time and time again. Word of caution though, do not try a simple makeup if you do not want others looking at you.