woman in skirt, winter coat

The winter season is always filled with so many different things.  Now that we’ve officially gotten passed the holiday season and are into the new year one of your goals for this year may be to spend more time finding ways to feel great in your clothes.  One of the downsides of the winter season is so often we feel like we need to be bundled up and in so many different layers and clothes to stay warm – we can feel a bit lost in all the clothes.  But let’s face it, it’s hard to feel really great in your clothes when you feel like you’re completely bundled up.  And you know we’re all about looking and feeling great regardless – so we’re sharing some ways to show some skin this winter to give you some other style inspiration.

Skirts With Slits
Typically this time of year, it’s all about covering up and wearing skirts that are probably longer than the ones you wear throughout the other times of the year.  But if you want to feel feminine and still show a bit of skin, one of our favorite ways to rock a skirt during the winter season is to rock a skirt with a slit.  There are a ton of great pencil skirt options available right now that have a slit on the side.  It’s a great way to show a little skin, but not freeze by wearing a mini skirt.  You can layer it with a pair of tights or stockings for a bit of extra coverage – but not too much coverage.

Off The Shoulder Looks
Fortunately for us, there are a ton of gorgeous off the shoulder dresses and tops out right now – it’s a major trend.  Even more fortunate is the off the shoulder style is a great way to show some skin this winter without being too exposed and catching a cold.  You can go as dramatic or subtle with this type of look as you’d like.  If you want a full off the shoulder top, awesome!  Don’t want to show all your shoulders?  You can opt for a dress or top that just has slits exposing the shoulder area a bit.  Either way it’s a perfect and easy way to show some skin this winter season.

winter clothing

Loose Knits
Another one of our favorite ways to show some skin this winter season has got to be having a different take on a sweater look.  Sweaters are always synonymous with the winter season, but they’re typically bulky and much heavier knits.  If you want to stick with a sweater look, a great way to show a little skin in a sweater is to opt for a sweater that has a looser knit look to it – meaning the knits on the sweater aren’t so tight and you can actually see through the sweater a bit.  It’s subtle way to show some skin, but still be completely appropriate for the winter season.  Talk about a win-win, right?