How many hair styles do you wear on a weekly basis? It’s ok, you can take a minute to really think about that. Something we’ve noticed about ourselves around here at Lionesse is we end up in a funk with our hair, meaning we tend to wear our hair in the same one or two different styles without much variety. But what’s the fun in that? As we get ready to welcome a new season, we’ve been feeling the urge to get our creative juices flowing so we came up with seven styles for seven days. These are seven different hair styles, perfect for those with medium length hair, to wear throughout the week. Don’t worry, they aren’t super complicated!

Day 1 – Pin Straight Hair
Kicking the week off in style, start with a pin straight hair style. Styling your hair in a deep side part or distinct middle part for this, get your hair as straight as possible. It’s a huge trend right now and something about it feels completely modern.

Day 2 – Half Up Bun
Half up hair styles are such an easy way to change up your style without a lot of effort or time involved. If you want, feel free to add some waves and texture into your hair before styling your hair. Simply pull your hair back in a half up section but instead of leaving the hair down create a messy bun with the hair.

Day 3 – Braided Bangs
Braids are another easy way to give your hair a different vibe, and they don’t take long to style! After you’ve styled your hair in your desired texture simply take a section (really focusing on the area of side swept bangs/where they would be if you don’t have them) and begin creating a French braid in your hair, secure with a bobby pin and voila!

Day 4 – Twisted Half Up Style
To be honest, we’re huge half up hair style fans because there’s so much versatility with them! Another favorite half up style of ours is the twisted version. Again begin by creating your desired hair texture. Taking small sections of your hair around your hair line twist the sections of hair (one on each side of your head) and secure the twist with a pin in the back of your head where the twists cross over one another.

Day 5 – Beachy Waves
We already talked about pin straight hair, but we didn’t forget about the ever beloved beachy waves! Use texturizing hair care products to really bring out the natural texture of your hair with this hair style.

Day 6 – Undone Low Bun
Buns are another easy go to, especially when you’re low on time. Add texturizing product to your hair to bring out the undone vibe of this hair style that makes it feel more stylish. Loosely pin the hair back in a low bun, leaving a few face framing pieces out.

Day 7 – High Ponytail
The key to creating a stylish high ponytail is to add texture and volume to your hair. Tease your hair at the roots to add that volume and add texturizing product. After you’ve secured the ponytail where you want, tease the hair in the ponytail as well.