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Admit ityou’ve been eyeing the shiny locks of celebs and other beautiful women everywhere. Shiny hair is pretty stunning, after all. It’s no secret that women everywhere seek to obtain shiny locks of their very own. But let’s face it, it’s much easier to say you want shiny hair than it is to actually achieve it. Right? Truthfully, it’s not as difficult to get shiny hair as you probably think. You know we’re all about keeping beauty tips and steps as easy and functional as possible and we found some easy secrets to shiny hair that you can start incorporating today!

Focus on Moisture
Hair that isn’t shiny tends to be lacking a lot of necessary moisture. In order for your hair to be really shiny and gorgeous, you need to start putting more focus on moisture. The truth is your hair needs moisture in order to be healthy, and healthy hair is shiny hair! Using a quality hair conditioning product when you wash your hair is one part of it. But making it a point to use a deep conditioning treatment in your hair at least once a week is going to be the icing on the cake to help you obtain more moisture in your hair. These treatments help to give your hair a nice extra boost of moisture that you’re not able to achieve just from conditioning when washing your hair.

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Don’t Use Heat Too Often
Continuing off of what we mentioned above, our hair needs to be well moisturized and hydrated in order to achieve shiny locks. We love using heated styling tools to style our hair, but even when you practice safe habits with them they can pull out moisture from your hair. Reducing the amount you use heated styling tools is crucial to really getting shiny hair. Allowing your hair to air dry and not using curling irons/flat irons every day can help your hair to rest and maintain its natural moisture much easier than when using them on a daily basis. Try backing off on how often you use heat on your hair to give your hair that much-needed break and help achieve those shiny locks you’re eyeing.

Use the Right Temperature Water
When showering, you may not be thinking about how the temperature of the water could be effecting your shiny (or dull) hair. The reality is hot water tends to cause the hair to be stripped of a lot of its natural moisture and, in turn, shine. Make sure you’re not using water that’s too hot in temperature when washing your hair. Another secret that many hair experts swear by is actually finishing your shower/hair washing routine by turning the temperature WAY down to cold to rinse through the hair quickly before finishing. Zapping your hair with cold water is said to help lock in more moisture to the hair and seal the cuticles, helping your hair to have a much shinier appearance.

Do you have any secrets to shiny hair that you’ve discovered?