woman with hair bangs at the beach

Bangs have been everywhere lately. It seems like everyone from friends to celebs have been making a big hair change and chopping bangs. We’re all about taking inspiration from celebs and on-screen characters for beauty looks, because it’s a great reference point to bring to your hair stylist when you find something you like. If you’ve been contemplating getting bangs yourself, we’ve rounded up some great bang-worthy inspiration. We realized there are quite a few on-screen characters who rocked hair bangs, and who better to get hair bang ideas from than some of the most iconic on-screen characters?

Xena Warrior Princess
We’re throwing things back a big with this bang reference, but who doesn’t love the hair bangs Xena the Warrior Princess rocked through the entire series? She had a way of making hair bangs have an edgy type of look and feel. While bangs are typically a feminine type of hair style, Xena proves that they’re incredibly versatile and you can be a warrior princess with them. She was known for the blunt, straight across bangs throughout the series. While Xena had bangs that were quite traditional in style, it never seemed like her hair was outdated or redundant.

Zooey Deschanel
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Jess Day
Zooey Deschanel made a huge impact in television for her role as Jess Day in the show New Girl. She always looked stunning throughout the show, and really has had a way of making those blunt straight across bangs feel modern and stylish. We all loved the style in Xena back in the day, and Jess Day proves that it’s a classic look with immense versatility. Jess day has quite a modern and stylish look to her, and with a similar hair bang style manages to make it feel like her own. Throughout the show her bangs were styled a bit differently, to show just how versatile a blunt hair bang really can be.

Blair Waldorf
Gossip Girl was a huge phenomenon for television and fashion while it was on air. In reality, it’s still had a big impact on pop culture and trends. It was a show that so many people looked to for style inspiration and of course, the exclusive of what it’s like to live life on the upper east side. Blair was a huge trendsetter and always wearing her hair and clothes in updated ways (thanks to an incredibly talented wardrobe stylist on the show). One thing that maintained a lot of consistency in the show was her hair bangs. While the other television characters we mentioned opted for the blunt, straight across bangs Blair brought hair bangs into the mix with side swept fringe. Similar to the other television characters, Blair showed us that you can have side swept bangs and style them in ways that don’t look like you have bangs at all to styling them in a way that gives you a more full bang type of look.

Do you have a favorite television character that rocked hair bangs?