Woman with pixie cut

Thinking about chopping your hair? Anytime you head into the salon for a look that’s different than your typical look, it can be a bit nerve wrecking. This is even more prevalent when you’re opting for a more dramatic hair cut like the pixie cut. Scoring the perfect pixie is obviously the goal when you decide to go for the big chop. But how do you score that perfect pixie? We took the liberty to do some research and gather some insight from the experts to help you be a bit more prepared before you head into the salon, and score that perfect pixie.

Gather Inspiration
Pixie cuts, and any other hair cut for that matter, come in a variety of different techniques and looks. To truly get the perfect pixie, gathering as many reference photos and inspiration to share with your hair stylist is key. Simply heading into the salon and saying you want a pixie, isn’t going to guarantee you the perfect pixie cut you were hoping to achieve. Hair stylists are visual creatives, so providing them with visual examples of the pixie cuts that you’re really drawn to is helpful for them to create the look you want. The more references you’re able to share with them, the better understanding they’ll have of your ultimate goal.

Consider Your Face Shape
While having reference photos and inspirational images that you really like are helpful for your hair stylist, having an open conversation with your hair stylist to decide on a pixie cut that will flatter your face shape is going to pull the entire look together. Keep in mind that while you may really love one particular pixie cut, it may not look the exact same on you if you have a different face shape. The reference photos will give your stylist something to base your look off of, but may need to make some adjustments to create a cut that’s going to flatter your face shape. Choosing a stylist that you feel confident and comfortable having a frank discussion about these details with is another important element to scoring the perfect pixie.

Consider a Slow Process
Chopping your hair into pixie cut length is a big change, especially if you’ve been rocking a hair cut with more length. One thing to consider, to really help you score that perfect pixie cut is to slowly progress your hair length into the pixie cut. Starting slowly by eliminating a little more length every time you head into the salon can help you transition into the drastic length difference much more easily. Since it can be a big change, it can also help you to see how you truly like a shorter length with your hair. Additionally, slowly progressing from  one length towards that pixie length can help you and your hair stylist have a better understanding of the ultimate pixie shape that will flatter your face shape as you transition more slowly.