Little girl applying sunscreen

When it comes to your children’s skin, you as a parent want what’s best for them, naturally. That’s why Lionesse thought it would be appropriate to inform you about some of the safest sunblocks for kids you can find on the market, and why. Now that summer is here and is in full swing all across the country, it’s important to put this summertime essential to use every time you and your children step outside. Babies from 6 months of age and up should always be protected by a good quality sunscreen. How can you tell what’s safe, and what’s not? That’s what Lionesse is here to help you figure out. We take the guesswork out of finding what will work for your child in the safest way possible, without exposing them to the harmful chemicals found in many of the products we as adults tend to use.

Protecting their skin at a young age will help to ward off freckles, and pre-mature aging later on in life. It will also deter sunburn, which is far more damaging to a child’s skin than one may think. Let’s take a look at some of the safest sunblocks for kids this season.

What to Stay Away From
Pediatricians across the country, as well as dermatologists, recommend that parents stay away from products such as spray-on lotions, as well as powder based sunblocks, due to the fact that these products tend to contain hormone-disrupting components which could affect the reproductive system later on in life and cause early puberty in some children. Also, another key couple of ingredients to stay away from are oxybenzone and Vitamin A. Spray on sunscreen, although it may seem easier, is actually less effective aside from being unsafe. Many parts of the body may fail to be covered with this type of sunscreen. Powdered sunscreens are even worse when it comes to coverage and application.

What Types of Sunblock Are Safe
Any sunscreen product containing zinc and or titanium are considered to be safe for children and babies – but you need to be sure to thoroughly check the ingredient list for the ingredients listed as non-safe above. And remember to steer clear of the spray ons and powdered sunblocks. Let’s take a look at three of the best brand name products you can buy to provide your children with the best protection possible.

Babyganics Mineral Based Sunscreen SPF 50+
Babygenics Mineral Based Sunscreen is also on the EWG’s list of highest rated sunblocks for children. This product contains a high yet safe level of zinc oxide to protect your precious baby and children from the harmful UV rays from the sun, so they can enjoy splashing around in the kiddie pool while you smile on in contentment.

Honest Co. Sunscreen 30 SPF
The Honest Co. has become a beloved product line and was the brainchild of Actress Jessica Alba after the birth of her daughter. This sunscreen product is mineral based, and contains plenty of zinc oxide for optimum protection. This product, different from the other two mentioned, also contains plenty of essential oils, making it easy to spread onto the skin, and leaving the skin soft and naturally scented.

Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block Face Stick SPF 50+
This fantastic product blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun, is a natural mineral based product containing both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and the small size makes it perfect for carrying in a diaper bag or purse on the go. This is one of the highest rated products for children by the Environmental Working Group. This product can be found at your local drugstore and many large box stores countrywide.