Woman with a beautiful hairstyle in a natural background.

Your wedding is fast approaching, and then it hits you: you have literally no idea what you want to do with your hair. Sure, you’ve looked at hundreds of books, bridal magazines, scoured the internet for hours on end, and you just haven’t found the look that suits you. Lionesse Beauty Bar has put together some of the most gorgeous, timeless styles for your wedding day that we believe will be crowd pleasers, and there’s something for everyone. So, don’t fret – have a look at our beautiful styles below, and we’re certain they will help to inspire – or become – your perfect wedding hair style.

Woman with a Dual Floral Braid hairstyle.

Dual Floral Braid
This dual braid is a classy, timeless look for the bride who feels in tune with nature. The combination of the double braid, joined together at the bottom, and adorned with beautiful small flowers is not only gorgeous, but symbolic. Think of it as the bride, as one braid, the groom as the second, joining together as one at the bottom – and the flowers speaking the beauty of your life together forever. Definitely an ‘Awwww!’ moment.

Woman with a Dual Braided Pigtail hairstyle.

Dual Braided Pigtail
This youthful style incorporates a style that looks elegant yet playful, and would be perfect for a younger bride. This style is a mix between the beloved French braid, and the ponytail style, which will be sure to keep the hair off of the face and neck, allowing your groom-to-be the opportunity to marvel at your beautiful face the whole day through. Lots of volume can be added to these braids with dry shampoo or volumizing mousse.

Woman showing off her Dutch French Braid Crown hairstyle.

Dutch French Braid Crown
This classic, elegant look is perfect for any bride on her wedding day. This style would work well with a veil, but may not work so well with a tiara. This style could be worn for any type of wedding, from an outdoor spring wedding, to an indoor cathedral setting. Many modifications can be done to this braid to make it your own, such as incorporating flowers, ribbons, temporary color, and more.

Woman with Big, Full Curls and Waves

Big, Full Curls and Waves
Curls are always a safe bet for a wedding hair style, but the fashion in which the curls are placed and constructed can change the entire game. These big, bouncy curls and waves add dimension, depth, and volume to thin hair, or for those with a smaller face frame – although this style would work well for any bride to be. It can be a bit tricky to get curls to stay, even with the best hairspray and products used, for those with thin hair. If your wedding is going to be an outdoor one, you may want to opt for a different style because of humidity, depending on where you live.

Woman with a Curled Partial Updo

Curled Partial Updo
The updo is the perfect classical wedding look. Women have been adorning this style for ages. Adding curls into the mix offers up dimension, volume, and beauty. You can wear a tiara and or veil with this look, and can incorporate items like pearl strands to the mix to give it an authentic, Victorian feel. This style would work well for any wedding, and on any bride.